Where Is Gwendlyn Brown From ‘Sister Wives’ and What Is She Up To?

Gwendlyn Brown from ‘Sister Wives‘ is living her best life — See what she’s up to now.

When Sister Wives first started airing in 2010, viewers were introduced to Kody Brown, his four wives — Meri, Janelle, (now ex) Christine, and Robyn — and their brood of children. The Brown family has ultimately grown to include 18 kids, all of whom have appeared on the TLC reality show through the years. But now that more of the Brown children have reached adulthood, they’ve understandably been featured less in recent seasons.

So what is Gwendlyn Brown up to now? Keep reading to learn more about her!

Gwendlyn Brown is the daughter of Christine and Kody Brown.

As a refresher, Gwendlyn is Kody’s 11th-eldest child overall and Christine’s fourth. She was born on Oct. 16, 2001, which makes her 21 today. Although Gwendlyn doesn’t share a ton about her personal life via Instagram, we did a deep dive and learned a few tidbits about what she’s doing now.

Christine Brown's daughters
Christine Brown’s daughters

What is Gwendlyn Brown doing now?

Gwendlyn graduated from high school in 2020, right after the COVID-19 pandemic shut everything down in the U.S. As she shared in a video clip posted to Instagram, she graduated in a socially-distanced parade of sorts.

Today, Gwendlyn appears to reside in/near Flagstaff, Ariz., where she attends college.

Gwendlyn Brown is bisexual — and she addressed her sexuality for the first time on ‘Sister Wives’ in Season 17.

In a Sister Wives episode set to premiere on Oct. 16, 2022, (Gwendlyn’s birthday!), Gwendlyn made a rare appearance on the show. She was at Christine’s house helping Ysabel prepare to move in with her half-sister (Janelle and Kody’s daughter), Madison Brown in North Carolina for college.

“I’m bisexual. I am not only attracted to women, I am also attracted to men and people that fall under different gender spectrums,” Gwendlyn shared in an exclusive clip shared by People.

Meanwhile, Christine told producers: “When [now Leon] told us that she was gay, immediately I thought, ‘Ohhh. So is Gwendlyn.’ I knew immediately. And we’ve had just great conversations about it.”

Christine went on to say that she has female celebrity crushes — and that Gwendlyn teases her mom about being “also partially gay.” If you’re curious, Christine’s female celebrity crushes include Blake Lively, Kelly Clarkson, and Emily Blunt. “They’re just beautiful. I can’t help but admire them,” she explained. “But it would only go that far; I’m definitely heterosexual.”

Although Gwendlyn hasn’t shared what her significant other’s name is, she has posted photos of the woman she’s dating via Instagram. The two appear to have moved in together as of late August 2022. They also have a dog named Noël!

“Recently celebrated our 6 months!” Gwendlyn captioned a September 29, 2022, Instagram post. “She made chocolate fondue, and I lost my mind at her planning skillz (feat. our song).”

Gwendlyn Brown and her girlfriend
Gwendlyn Brown and her girlfriend

Hopefully, Gwendlyn will keep posting life updates via Instagram — and maybe we’ll also get to see more of her in future seasons of Sister Wives!

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