3 Reasons That Make Halle Bailey and DDG’s Break Up Believable

Did Halle Bailey and DDG end their relationship? Social Media Users think it’s a wrap.

Fans have been waiting with bated breath for the live-action remake of Disney’s The Little Mermaid, and the film’s lead Halle Bailey has naturally become the center of attention. Riding high off the success of “Ungodly Hour,” the 21-year-old has established her spot as one of R&B’s shining stars. Thanks to her angelic vocals and fantastic ability to piece together melodies, the sky’s the limit for Halle.

A true classy woman who’s all about her artistry, Halle has unsurprisingly become a hot commodity in the Hollywood dating scene. In fact, she has been dating DDG since 2022.

However, word on the street is that the pair may have called it quits, per eagle-eyed fans. So, is Halle Bailey still dating DDG? Here’s 3 reasons fans are basing on to conclude.

Halle Bailey and DDG

DDG and Halle Bailey have unfollowed each other on social media (Instagram).

The social media rumor mill is currently buzzing about the possible breakup between rapper DDG and Halle Bailey. And unfortunately, the breakup chatter is due to the couple unfollowing each other on Instagram.


Prior to them unfollowing each other on IG, DDG indirectly claimed Halle Bailey cheated on him on Twitter with a cryptic post.

Before we get to the nitty gritty, let’s start at the beginning. On February 7, 2023, DDG posted a rather cryptic tweet that pointed at trouble in his coupledom with Halle.

“All these girls the same [crying emoji] ain’t no way,” DDG wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

Keep in mind, DDG has accused his ex-girlfriends of cheating on him, via his music.

Shortly after, eagle-eyes fans noticed that DDG unfollowed Halle, which signaled to many that he was subliminally shading Halle with his tweet.

Not too long later, Black Twitter blew up as fans speculated about the pair’s relationship status, and fans took sides in the possible disagreement.

“DDG will soon realize. This isn’t Rubi Rose he can just throw subs on twitter and everyone will believe him and clown her. This is HALLE BAILEY we talking about. This isn’t a war he wants to go through on this app for real,” one user tweeted.

Halle Bailey’s older sister come for DDG’s neck after revealing her sister cheated on him.

Additionally, Halle’s older sister, Ski Bailey, took to Instagram Stories to read DDG for filth after he insinuated that Halle cheated on him.

“Good morning y’all. So, what I don’t like is when I wake up or when I go on YouTube first thing in the morning and I see my sister on the blogs and it’s over some dude,” Ski said in a now-deleted Instagram Stories post, via gossip site Pop Faction. “Ummm Darryl, DDG, like bruh, what’s wrong with you? Halle is not like the ones you been with. You will not treat her the way you treated these others. I don’t give a freak if y’all had issues going on. That’s what you won’t do. Please understand that.

Ski continued, “Like, you’re not going to do her the way that you did everybody else. You’re not going to come on social media and try to put her on blast and insinuate or put out something to make it seem like she was doing something that she wasn’t doing. You need to pipe down and get yourself together. If y’all broke up, then you need to just unfollow and just keep it pushing. You don’t have to put nothing out there like that saying ‘all these girls the same. Are you dumb? Are you stupid? OK.”

Interestingly, after DDG unfollowed Halle, the songstress followed suit. As a result, fans now believe that they have broken up, especially since both DDG and Halle now have no pictures of one another on their Instagram pages.

However, Halle still follows DDG’s mother Instagram page.

As of now, neither Halle nor DDG have officially addressed their break up rumor although it is quite obvious they have ended their love joruney together.

Halle Bailey

DDG and Halle Bailey first started dating in early January 2022.

Social media frequently comes in clutch with exposing the private lives of celebrities. On Jan. 2, 2022, The Shade Room shared that there was a video circulating of Halle and DDG — born Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr. — together at Usher’s concert over New Year’s weekend.

Not to mention, the cherry on top of the rumor was given to social media via the “King of R&B,” Usher. The legendary singer took to his Instagram stories to share a few photos — as reposted by The Shade Room — of himself backstage with DDG and Halle. And of course, the photos showed DDG lovingly embracing Halle.

The pair went on to confirm their coupledom in March 2022 after DDG surprised Halle with a diamond-studded necklace for her 22nd birthday.

“Happy Birthday to the beautifulest, the flyest, the sweetest. Love you forever@hallebailey,” DDG wrote in the now-deleted post, via the Rap-Up.

Aside from DDG’s current predicament with Halle, there’s no telling if the pair actually called it quits. However, we predict that more information will come to light very soon.

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