Sydney Smith Age: How Old Is Sydney Smith On TikTok?

TikTok star @realsydsmith has over 1 million followers on the viral video platform, and many of them want to know one thing: How old is Sydney Smith?

There are plenty of superstars across TikTok to follow. Whether you’re keeping updated with established names such as Charlie D’Amelio or Addison Rae, other creators such as Sydney Smith have captivated TikTok users around the world.

Sydney Smith is TikToker known for posting comedic videos and co-hosting the R Ya Jokin podcast. While her followers have been thoroughly enjoying her content, some details about Smith’s personal life have understandably remained elusive.

However, Smith’s viewers are persistent and are determined to know just how old she really is.

How old is TikToker Sydney Smith?

Sydney often playfully toys with her viewers, replying to comments with witty remarks. As TikTok users continue to get a definitive answer, the TikToker has issued a response (kind of).

Smith responded to a comment that said: “I hate all these girls lying on TikTok about their age. No way she’s over 30.”

“Perky512 I completely understand and I completely agree you. Hate it when people lie about their age,” Smith agreed.

However, Smith quickly changed their tone: “See the thing is I wasn’t lying, I was trying to be funny and then people picked up on my…actually wait no, they didn’t pick up on my sarcasm. Aha, I’m not 50.”

The debate rages on within her comments section too. TikTok user @thelordlavish said: “I literally was like ‘hmmm she’s doesn’t look that bad at 50’.”

Another joked that “cougars usually range from 40-49. So she’s probably 43.” Smith has embraced the gag too, as her TikTok bio simply reads as: “Idk how old I am either.”

Some followers speculate Smith is aged between 30-40, though she hasn’t confirmed anything just yet. For now, it seems that Sydney Smith’s age will have to remain one of the internet’s unsolved mysteries.

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