Is Dixie D’Amelio Gay? Fans Support Singer After Possible ‘Coming Out’ Video Goes Viral

Fans are showing an outpouring of support for TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio after the singer was possibly outed by friend Carter Gregory in a viral video.

Dixie D’Amelio is one of the most prominent content creators on TikTok, where she’s garnered over 57 million followers.

Since her meteoric rise to internet fame in 2019, she has transitioned from being a social media star to a full-time singer/songwriter, successfully releasing an album and even touring with Big Time Rush in Summer 2022.

Dixie notably dated fellow influencer Noah Beck for nearly two years, with the couple making it official in Fall 2020 and breaking things off in Fall 2022 after conflicting schedules and different life paths seemed to force them apart.

Dixie D’Amelio

Viral video possibly outs Dixie D’Amelio & confuses fans

For now, it’s unclear if Dixie is seeing anyone else — but her love life is now coming under a different kind of speculation after some fans believe she was possibly outed by a friend.

In a video that’s accrued over 1 million views, Dixie’s friend and A&R Director at Capitol Records, Carter Gregory, included the TikTok star in a compilation of other influencers and celebrities which he captioned “gay iconz only.”

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This prompted speculation among fans as to whether or not this video was Dixie’s ‘coming out’ announcement, with fans showing support for the singer in the video’s comments section.

“I [say] yes!” one user wrote. “We were all waiting for it, Dixie we are proud of you, even if we knew it before you.”

“IS THIS MY CHANCE?” another excited fan joked. “DIXIE! I LOVE YOU!”

However, others were confused, unsure if the video was merely a joke or not. In a now-deleted comment, Carter Gregory appeared to confirm that the women in the video are members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

“Does he mean all of them are gay?” one commenter asked, to which Carter replied: “Yes. All gay. Slay mama.”

TeaTokTalk thecarterb reply copy

Dixie hasn’t spoken on the subject at the time of writing, leaving fans supportive, yet confused as Gregory’s video continues to pick up steam.

This latest news follows comments from both Dixie and little sis Charli around the negativity associated with TikTok stars, which both siblings felt “isn’t justified.”

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