Is Kanika Batra The Female Version Of Andrew Tate? TikTok ‘Sociopath’ Responds To Such Claim

A TikToker who claims to be a diagnosed sociopath is responding to users who have labeled her the “female Andrew Tate.”

TikTok star ‘notkanikabatra’ has made a name for herself on the platform discussing being a sociopath and how it affects her life as well as the lives of those close to her, but some aren’t a big fan of her content.

The model has been compared to banned social media influencer Andrew Tate whose controversial takes about women resulted in him being deplatformed from many internet hotspots such as YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

In a recent video, Batra addressed those comparisons and explained why she disagrees with people calling her a female version of Tate.

TikToker blasts female Andrew Tate comparisons

In the 43-second clip, Kanika Batra explained that she has no idea why people are under the impression she hates men.

“I talk about mental health and instead of listening, men seem to just insult my physical appearance. I’m not insecure, so I’m fine with that, but there are plenty of women who are,” the former Miss Universe finalist said.

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She went on to claim that some men believe women are all narcissists and deserve the abuse and took aim that those who stay with those individuals.

“Some women still stick up with these men which I find absolutely ridiculous. Ladies, it’s time for some pushback. I’m a sociopath, trust me when I say these men are gaslighting you,” she concluded.

Thus far, her video has been viewed nearly one million times, with many in the comments standing by Batra with some even saying Andrew Tate could never “reach her level.”

It remains to be seen if this video will deter haters or if the Tate comparisons will get worse as a result. In any case, the TikToker simply doesn’t find any similarities between her and the banned former kickboxer.

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