Ishraq Khan Net Worth: How Rich Is Ishraq Khan? Details On The Kodezi Founder and CEO – Bio, Wiki

How much is Ishraq Khan worth? Biography facts about the young and enthusiastic tech founder that you need to know.

Ishraq Khan is one of the youngest CEOs to build a company. At age 8, he taught himself how to write codes and the only thing he hated was making mistakes. This led him to create a self-correcting code AI-assisted tool.

At age 17, he was able to raise half a million dollars from investors to build his company called Kodezi. Kodezi works as Grammarly, it is a software that instantly autocorrects codes while you type.

His company is still alive and growing. He has ten team members and all are older than him.

In this article, we’ll learn about Ishraq Khan, his background, nationality, career, relationship, net worth, and more.

Ishraq Khan is a young and enthusiastic tech founder of Kodezi code Grammarly

1. Who is Ishraq Khan?

Ishraq Khan is a startup founder, a tech + thrill seek enthusiast and a student. Popularly, he is an American technology executive and founder of Kodezi, a developer tool software company. Khan founded Kodezi in 2019 while exploring the idea of automated code debugging.

Khan ran a coding educational website called TeachMeCode, where students would upload coding video tutorials catered to people their own age.

2. Where does Ishraq Khan come from?

Ishraq Khan is originally from Bangladesh. Part of his life has been spent in Bangladesh, where he was for eight years, and in America, where he lives now. He was born in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, and moved to the US in 2011 with his parents.

He grew up in Florida and spends some part of his life in California, after moving from Bangladesh in 2011. He and his family moved to the States before he turned 8 years. From an early age, programming fascinated him regardless he grew up in a small town with limited access to technology.

The finances of his family were also tight since they did not make a lot of money. It further made the situation pretty challenging for him as he also had to keep an eye out for the monetary well-being of himself and his family.   

Despite limited options, he became fascinated with technology and created his first website when he was 10. At that time, he was merely in 5th grade, but the website he built was not an automated one from Weebly. It was built from scratch and had all the latest options and sophistication.

3. When did Ishraq Khan start coding?

He started teaching himself programming and how to code at age 8, and by the time he was 13, he had already learned to code in Java, HTML, and Python and was getting good at them with every passing day and every iteration. Having to learn programming from lengthy books was a challenge growing up. The limited access to some fancy coaching and high-end tech gadgets made it even worse.

4. How did Ishraq Khan create Kodezi?

In middle school, he created a peer-to-peer learning platform called TeachMeCode and later developed a prototype model trained on StackOverflow and GitHub repos on java code debugging. Eventually, this led to the creation of Kodezi and the raising of our first venture capital round of $800,000.   

He has an unwavering passion for innovating new ideas and a strong interest in machine learning and programming. Currently building Kodezi, an autocorrect for programmers aimed to maximize programming productivity by 10x.  

Prior to building Kodezi, he built software tools for fun and interned at Blackboard& Test IO, working on Software Engineering and Machine Learning. He took various college programming and business-level courses while in high school, and he even got the opportunity to shadow doctors and conduct machine-learning research in the medical field on disease probabilities.   

Today, together with his team, they have scaled Kodezi to 9 different employees and accumulated over 200,000 users in less than six months of launch, per his website.

5. Where does Ishraq Khan attend school?

In 2018 Ishraq enrolled at Seminole High School, in the IB program. During his time he spent developing the original prototypes of Kodezi while competing at various club competitions where he placed 1st in programming for 3 consecutive years. He took 3rd place at a Google Hackathon outside of school, per Everybody Wiki.

Ishraq graduated from Seminole High School in May of 2022, shortly after graduating he received he raised his pre-seed round for Kodezi.

6. What other thing aside from Kodezi has Ishraq Khan created?

Kodezi was founded by Khan in May 2019 with the idea of allowing anyone to debug code instantly and not spend hours on debugging. Created in 2019 from prototype best trained models. Today, Kodezi is a startup Backed by RTP Global and Water tower Ventures, building generative AI solutions that auto-correct your code in real-time.

Khan founded of TeachMeCode from April 2016 to May 2019. It was a side-project developed by Khan in 6th grade, a peer-to-peer learning platform where students were taught programming by other students. The idea is if a student can learn from another student it allows the student to be more attentive and engaged in learning. Thousands of monthly visitors watched and submitted thousands of hours of programming content led by students. Later pivoted to Kodezi.

Ishraq was a Machine Learning Researcher at the Digestive and Liver Center of Florida from Jul 2021 to Aug 2021. Shadowed doctors whilst actively working on the correlation between a family tree and DNA structure to the probability of obtaining various types of liver disease by applying machine learning. The liver easily gets affected due to intake of alcohol, pain killer tablets, and food habits, and includes plenty of wired practices. By tracking various levels of the following, was able to successfully predict future use cases in patients with various ML models which I created.

Khan was an intern at Test IOML from June 2020 to Aug 2020. He worked with various data scientists on applying automated pen testing using machine learning models on code. Built custom machine learning models for predicting the risk of a data breach and automated security protocols in databases in breaches. Built custom machine learning models for detecting anomalies in large datasets and deployed machine learning models as microservices.

7. What does Ishraq Khan do as his hobby?

Although Khan is on a mission to accelerate the growth of Kodezi to maximize coding productivity across all sectors, during his free time, he loves exploring new ideas and places, learning new things, binge-watching TV shows, traveling and being a thrill seeker.

8. Is Ishraq Khan in a relationship?

The CEO of Kodezi, an autocorrect coding software, Ishraq Khan is currently assumed to be single. A look from his Instagram shows no signs that he has a girlfriend or is married with kids. He is only 19 old and focused on his career, team, and family. When the time is right, he will certainly show his admirers the woman he is dating.

9. What is Ishraq Khan’s net worth?

Ishraq Khan, a software programmer and founder of Kodezi has an impressive fortune. He has an estimated current net worth of $1.5 million. When he was only 17, he was able to raise half a million dollars from investors for his business. His fortune is expected to grow in the future.

10. Where can you contact Ishraq Khan?

For now, the only means t reach the young tech founder is through his social media pages. You can follow him on the platforms below;

Instagram: @ishraqkhan

Twitter: @ishraqkhann




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