Jennifer Lopez’s Residence 2022: Where Does Jennifer Lopez Live Now? See Some Of Her Luxury Houses/Mansion

Want to know about Jennifer Lopez’s residence? Read on to see where the actress and pop star lives and some of her luxury mansions so far.

More people than ever are focused on Jennifer Lopez now that she’s spoken up about her Super Bowl regrets. She revealed that she didn’t appreciate sharing the stage with Shakira since they were on such limited time performing both their lists of hit songs.

Since all eyes are on Jennifer right now with her latest public statements, fans have been curious to know more about what’s going on with the mega-star. One question some are asking is: Where does J. Lo, live right now?

Jennifer Lopez's Residence 2022: Where Does Jennifer Lopez Live Now? See Some Of Her Luxury Houses/Mansion

Where does Jennifer Lopez live right now?

Jennifer snagged a beautiful mansion with her current boyfriend, Ben Affleck, after mansion hunting throughout the summer of 2021. According to TMZ, they found a mansion in Bel Air worth around $50 million.

There’s a lot to be admired about the beautiful home including its skyline views, nearby golf course, and proximity to the Bel Air country club.

According to SCMP, the house is 20,000 square feet and comes with tons of greenery. The mansion has lush grass, gardens, flowers, trees, and more.

Another detail that makes this mansion so special is that it’s almost doubled in price since 2016. Back then, it was worth $27.6 million. The previous owners invested a lot of money into remodeling to make the house more beautiful.

Jennifer Lopez's Residence 2022: Where Does Jennifer Lopez Live Now? See Some Of Her Luxury Houses/Mansion

What other luxury properties has Jennifer Lopez lived in?

According to Love Property, Jennifer Lopez has lived in a multitude of impressive properties. In fact, her real estate portfolio is something other people in the world might only dream of. When she was still in a relationship with Alex Rodriguez, they spent money on a gorgeous island estate in Miami together.

Although it was listed for $40 million at the time, they were able to buy it for $32.5 million. The mansion is waterfront, which means it’s next to the beach! It also came with an amazing guesthouse, a climate-controlled wine cellar, and a beautiful view of the skyline.

Another property on Jennifer’s list is an Encino cottage she purchased for $1.4 million with Alex in 2020. The San Fernando Valley of California is considered a top-tier living location for celebrities who want to own homes that are a little less flashy, and a lot more modest. The cottage she bought in Encino was built in 1948 but renovated in recent years before she made an offer on it. The places came with French doors and a gorgeous master suite.

Jennifer Lopez

The third property from Jennifer’s list that’s worth mentioning is a spacious New York City apartment she purchased with Alex back in 2018. They bought the condo for $15.3 million because of all its swanky amenities and benefits. She was able to access the condo with the help of a private lift. The entertaining spaces spread out throughout the condo made it a perfect hub for having guests over any night of the week. By the time she was ready to sell the New York apartment, she marked it up for a profit of $2 million.

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