Jessica Powell’s Husband: Meet Isaiah Martin, The MBFFL Star’s Spouse

Is Jessica Powell married and who is her husband? The ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ star recently tied the knot.

Fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life were first introduced to Jessica Powell as one of Whitney’s fitness trainers. Since then, Whit and Jessica have built a solid friendship — and they’ve even become business partners. The fitness coach stepped up as Whitney’s No BS Active partner in 2021. The pair seem to have great chemistry as they lead exercise classes focused on inclusivity for all sizes and abilities.

On MBFFL Season 10, Jessica and her then then-fiancé are shown preparing for their upcoming wedding. But who is her husband, anyway? Keep reading to learn all about the fitness guru’s beau.

Jessica Powell and husband Isaiah Martin

Who is Jessica Powell’s husband?

Jessica’s husband is Isaiah Martin. The couple met back in 2016 on the steps of her dad’s business Powell Fitness — the same place where he decided to pop the question in July 2021 — Jessica shared in an Instagram post announcing their engagement.

“I had just finished ‘Hot Shot 19’ (CrossFit peeps will know what that is ?) and he took me by the hand and walked me up the steps to meet our family and a few close friends who’ve been with us from the beginning,” the newly-engaged trainer wrote in July 11, 2021. “It was amazing, it was perfect, and I am so overwhelmed with happiness and love!”

Jessica Powell and her husband

The couple said “I do,” on April 16, 2022. “The love of my life! In this one and the next … Mrs. Martin, with some respect on it!?” Isaiah captioned an Instagram photo of himself dipping and passionately kissing his bride on their wedding day.

One thing we know about Jessica’s husband is that, like his wife, he loves all things CrossFit. (Which shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that’s where the couple first met.) The pair continue to hit the gym together today, and Isaiah also supports his partner as she’s preparing for and taking part in competitive bodybuilding.

Jessica was introduced on ‘MBFFL’ as Whitney’s trainer before they teamed up for No BS Active.

MBFFL viewers were introduced to Jessica’s father, Will Powell when he helped Whitney create a diet and fitness regimen to take control of her health. Jessica worked at her dad’s gym, which is located in Greensboro, N.C. The fitness trainer competed in CrossFit events and bodybuilding competitions, too — and she helped Whitney prepare for her powerlifting events.

“Ever since Whitney and I first started training together, her body composition has completely changed,” the fitness trainer said on My Big Fat Fabulous Life. “Her eyes sparkle more, her hair and skin looks healthier … Her body is a lot stronger than it used to be.”

During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Whitney and her former business partner Ryan Andreas were forced to do remote fitness classes. But eventually, even those fell off amid social distancing and the general unknown of the “quarantine era.”

Ultimately, Whitney Thore and Ryan parted ways when she moved back home to Greensboro from Charlotte. She then teamed up with Jessica and they re-launched No BS Active in October 2021.

Whitney Thore and Jessica Powell from My Big Fat Fabulous Life

It’ll be interesting to see what Whitney and Jessica have up their sleeves for No BS Active in Season 10. Also, we can’t wait to see a behind-the-scenes look at Jessica and Isaiah’s wedding planning and big day!

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