Jodie Sweetin’s Kids: Who Is Jodie Sweetin Married To? Meet Her Husband and Children

Actress Jodie Sweetin and her daughters are pretty much twins – Who is her current partner and ex-husband?

Christmas is upon us, which means a new line-up of Hallmark flicks is on the way. Included in the star-studded cast of actors who join the network’s Countdown to Christmas for the 2022-2023 television season is Jodi Sweetin. Jodi is set to star in not one, but two Hallmark Holiday films this year — Merry Swissmas and A Cozy Christmas Inn.

But what else has Jodie been up to since made her debut on Full House as Stephanie Tanner? Now, the child star is all grown up with children of her own! Here’s everything we know about her kids.

Jodie Sweetin

Does Jodie Sweetin have children? Meet her daughters, Zoie and Beatrix!

Jodie’s daughters — Zoie Herpin and Beatrix Sweetin Cole were born only two years apart. The actress welcomed her eldest daughter, Zoie, in 2008, while Beatrix came along in 2010. More than a decade later, Jodie maintains a close-knit relationship with Zoie and Beatrix, who are 14 and 12 as of writing.

In a 2019 interview with Today, Jodie got candid about parenting — which, for her, starts with being “really open” with her kids. “Whether it be about drugs and alcohol, whether it be about sex, social media — whatever it is, they’re smart.”

“And I treat them as such. I have to have those open conversations with them because if I don’t, they’re going to get misinformation somewhere else,” the actress added.

Jodie expressed her pride in her daughters, who aren’t afraid to “stand up and speak for themselves” unlike Jodie, who said she didn’t learn that lesson until later in life.

“My girls have good boundaries,” she gushed. “I didn’t get those skills until I was in my thirties. I’m just so proud of how they stand up for themselves and say, ‘This is who I am, and this is what I like.’”

Jodie welcomed her daughters with her ex-husbands, but who is Jodi married to now? Here’s everything we know about her current spouse.

Who is Jodie Sweetin married to? Everything we know about her ex-husbands!

Jodie and her first husband, ​​Shaun Holguin, married when she was only 20. It was around this time that her years-long battle with substance abuse began. Within years of their marriage, her addiction to crystal meth landed her in the hospital. Later, she announced that she and Shaun were divorcing after four years of marriage.

The following year, she married set designer Cody Herpin. Months after the two tied the knot, they welcomed their daughter, Zoie. However, the ex-couple eventually called it quits in 2010. It wasn’t until 2012 that she married her youngest child’s father Morty Coyle. Their relationship came to an end after four years in 2014.

Jodie Sweetin, Morty Coyle
Jodie Sweetin, Morty Coyle

In July 2022, Jodie tied the knot for the fourth time. She and her now-husband Mescal Wasilewski dated for several years before they married in an intimate backyard wedding in Malibu, Calif.

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