How Rich Is Josh Owens? Details On The Moonshiner Star’s Net Worth, Salary, Fortune, Income and More

What is Josh Owens’ net worth? The Moonshiner star has a lot to do with his hard work on ‘Moonshiners’.

If there’s one success story that sticks out from the other stars’ in the Moonshiners universe, it’s Josh Owens’. After starting off as a motocross rider, Josh unintentionally fell into a life of distilling and has since become one of the Discovery-helmed show’s biggest stars to date. Fans love Josh’s no-nonsense attitude, outdoor abilities, and seriously impressive liquor-making skills.

With all of that being said, Josh has also accumulated a good bit of money thanks to his work making moonshine and being a reality star. That begs the question, what exactly is Josh’s net worth? Here are all of the known details surrounding his finances.

Josh Owens

What is Josh Owens’ net worth?

As one of the stars of Moonshiners, Josh pulls in a steady salary from his appearances on the show. Outside of the series, he is known for moonshining, hunting, fishing, as well as motocross.

JOSH OWENS Profile Summary

Josh Owens is a professional moonshine distiller, motocross racer, and outdoorsman famous for his work on the hit reality show Moonshiners. As of the time of writing, he has a net worth of roughly $400,000, per Life and Style Mag.

  • Profession: Moonshiner, motocross racer
  • Net worth: $400 thousand
  • Birthdate: Aug. 28, 1977
  • Birthplace: Columbus, N.C.
  • Birth name: Joshua Owens
  • Father: Unknown
  • Mother: Cindy Owens
  • Children: one daughter, Elizabeth Reese Owens
Josh Owens

Josh’s fast-paced lifestyle has resulted in more than one serious accident.

Besides making moonshine, one sad hallmark of Josh’s life over the past few years has been his proclivity for serious accidents. According to The Daytona Beach News-Journal, Josh was hospitalized at Halifax Health Medical Center after sustaining injuries from a motorcycle accident during the infamous Daytona Bike Week.

The star was thrown from an antique motorcycle while riding and broke all but one of his ribs, his collarbone, and his shoulder blade. On top of that, he also punctured a lung and stripped skin on his fingers down to the bone. Fortunately, Josh made a full recovery.

That wasn’t Josh’s only recent accident, however. Just the year prior, it was reported by Siouxland News that his truck and trailer caught on fire. He sustained no injuries that time around.

One of the earliest known accidents involving Josh was back in 2016 when he lost his index finger. This was a result of a grinding wheel exploding, according to a friend of the moonshiner, but the star himself never spoke out about what went down.

If there’s one thing that’s clear from all of this, it’s that Josh may be having fun with his various jobs and hobbies, but they certainly don’t come without serious risks.

Check out Josh and the rest of the Moonshiners cast on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on the Discovery Channel.

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