Kai Cenat Buys His Mom A House At Age 20 After Becoming The Most-Subbed Twitch Streamer

Kai Cenat bought his mother a new home, celebrating the heartwarming moment on Twitter after being crowned Twitch’s most-subscribed streamer.

Kai Cenat is a bonafide internet superstar whose rise to online stardom has captured the attention of netizens across social media.

After getting his start on Twitch in February 2021, Kai saw massive growth just over a year later in September 2022, when he surpassed xQc to become the platform’s second most-subscribed creator.

Just weeks later, the streamer overtook influencer Casimito to become the most-subscribed broadcaster on Twitch overall for all languages.

Kai’s accomplishments even earned him recognition from Twitch, which sent him a custom gift as a reward for his hard-won success.

Thanks to his jaw-dropping growth in the span of mere months, Kai has been able to achieve a dream he’s always had — to move his family to a better place.

Kai Cenat celebrates buying his mom a house after massive Twitch success

On October 20, Cenat revealed in heartwarming posts via Twitter and Instagram that he’d purchased a new home for his mother, claiming this was a singular goal he’s had since he was a youngster.

“I officially accomplished the ONE goal I’ve always dreamed of as a kid,” he wrote. “Moving my family out of the hood. Now I’m here closing on my Mom’s first house OF MANY at the age of 20. BLESSINGS.”

Cenat shared a few photos in his posts, as well, which showed him signing off on the deed to the home and sharing an emotional hug with his mother.

Fans are celebrating Kai’s massive accomplishment in the comments section, hoping for many more achievements to come his way as his streaming career continues to soar.

This moment follows another major achievement for Cenat, who recently streamed with none other than rapper Lil Baby on October 19, during which he garnered a whopping 200,000 viewers.

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