Kaitlan Collins’ Married Husband and Kids: The CNN Journalist’s Boyfriend and Children

Kaitlan Collins is the youngest Chief White House correspondent in CNN’s history, but is she married with kids?

Kaitlan Collins is one of the most famous journalists in America. She made history as one of the youngest White House Correspondents in the history of CNN.

Her father is Jeff Collins, a mortgage banker. She is yet to disclose her mom’s name. Collins who was brought up as “apolitical” has revealed that her parents did not express their political interests or opinions, and neither did they vote. She was raised in Alabama alongside her three siblings. Her brothers’ names are Brayden and Cole, while her sister is Lena Grace.

There is no doubt Kaitlan Collins is not a family woman, but one question a lot of people want to know is about her personal life. Like, is the CNN anchor married or does she have a boyfriend? Here’s everything we know about her love life.

Kaitlan and Douglas. Photo: @kaitlancollins
Source: Instagram

Is Kaitlan Collins married?

CNN journalist Kaitlan Collins has never been married in her life, hence, she has no husband. In fact, her dating history and love life were out of the spotlight until recently.

So, who is Kaitlan Collins in a relationship with? Kaitlan Collins’ boyfriend is Will Douglas, a successful entrepreneur. The two started saying in 2015 and prefer to keep details of the relationship away from the cameras.

There are speculations that Douglas will become Kaitlan Collins’ husband soon. The lovebirds have not talked about their wedding plans in public.

Kaitlan and Douglas. Photo: @kaitlancollins
Source: Instagram

Who is Will Douglas, Kaitlan Collins’ boyfriend?

The 34-year-old Kaitlan Collins husband-to-be is an American self-made pharmacy owner. He was born and raised in a small town across the Red River. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy with a Bachelor of Science degree in multidisciplinary studies and a doctorate in pharmacy, even though he paid his way through school.

Douglas was raised in a conservative family. His father worked at a manufacturing company for more than 40 years, while his mom was always home to cater to the family. Describing his background at some point, he said,

I grew up in a blue-collar family that lived in a mobile home in a rural community. I paid my way through school, and worked hard to manage and now own a small business.

The young businessman and politician’s uncle influenced him to be a pharmacist. As the founder of Crimson Care Pharmacy Group, when he was 29 years old, he acquired his first pharmacy and implemented a number of modern services and solutions designed to ensure it was positioned to better serve the community immediately. Besides his business inclinations, Will is also a passionate politician.

In 2020, he ran for a representative’s office to represent District 113 in the Texas House of Representatives. Although he didn’t win, Will is a strong political candidate. Like Kaitlan, Will Douglas’s nationality or Kaitlan Collins’s husband’s nationality is black American.

Does Kaitlan Collins have a child?

Kaitlan Collins‘ marriage could be said to be on the horizon because, although neither she nor the suspected gentleman has openly declared their intention to be married, the duo has been spotted together sharing romantic gestures on several instances.

It is hard to tell if Kaitlan Collins and her boyfriend, Will Douglas relationship have yielded any child. This is because they have kept things concealed from the public.

Is Kaitlan Collins against the LGBTQ+ community?

The journalist is not anti-LGBTQ+ community. In October 2018, some of her old tweets resurfaced.

In the tweets from 2011, she used the word “fag” in response to another tweet. She has also tweeted she did not know “if I wanna room with a l*sbian.” These tweets caused a stir online.

She apologised for using gay slurs and admitted she was immature in her college days. She further stated her words back then were wrong and did not represent the person she is today.

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