Kaitlan Collins’ Net Worth and Salary: How Much Is CNN Paying Its White House Correspondent?

The national average salary for a news correspondent is around $60,421 per year, though Kaitlan Collins’s salary is estimated to be much higher.

Kaitlan Collins is a seasoned journalist working as a Chief White House Correspondent for CNN. She has been in the media industry for about eight years and has an impressive career record. She is known for asking her interviewees’ candid questions and expressing her opinions on various issues.

The reputable journalist from CNN has worked closely with renowned journalists, including Erin Burnet, Anderson Cooper, Ben Shapiro, and Brian Williams. She has interviewed high-profile people in government.

Collins has had the opportunity to interview distinguished individuals, including Joe Biden, and cover remarkable stories as they unfold. Given Collins’s role at CNN, many wonder how much she is worth, her earnings, how she acquired the job, and what the network is paying her in terms of salary.

Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:Kaitlan Collins
Net Worth:$4 million (unconfirmed)
Salary:$162,574 to $375,483 (est.)
Occupation:CNN White House correspondent
Full Real Name:Kaitlan Collins
Date of birth:April 7, 1992
Place of birth:Prattville, Ala.
Fiancé:Will Douglas
Education:The University of Alabama, BA in journalism and political science
Source: Instagram @kaitlancollins

What is Kaitlan Collins’ net worth?

Kaitlan Collins is an American journalist and CNN White House correspondent. While it’s clear Collins’s career at CNN is thriving, it’s not as clear how much the network is paying her. Though Collins’ earnings haven’t been publicly disclosed, an online source reports Kaitlan Collins’ net worth is estimated at around $4 million. Her salary ranges from $162,574 to $375,483.

At the age of 26, Collins was named on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Media list, an honor that was shared with The Washington Post’s White House correspondent, Josh Dawsey.

Collins has not only been recognized for being the youngest White House correspondent at CNN but also for posing tough questions, one of which earned her an apology from Biden.

She has a smirk smile, which has been interpreted as sarcastic. She was named among Mediaite’s Most Influential in News Media in 2019.

Aside from being a fan-favorite anchor, she has a huge following on social media. She currently has about 260K followers on Instagram and over 1.2 million followers on Twitter.

Source: Instagram @kaitlancollins

When did Kaitlan Collins begin her career at CNN?

Kaitlan Collins joined the CNN team in 2017, the same year Donald Trump was elected as the 45th U.S. president. At the time, she was recognized for being “the youngest White House correspondent” to be hired by the network, reports Forbes, and is said to spend more time on TV than nearly all others at the network.

When Collins first joined the CNN team, she recognized how challenging the job would be, though she was willing to take it on. Collins said, “I think one of the key aspects of being a good reporter, apart from knowing where the story is and what the news is, is knowing where your skills are best fit, and for me, that was Trump.” Today, the 29-year-old is based in Washington D.C., and continues to cover breaking stories, many of which surround the Biden administration.

Source: Instagram @kaitlancollins

Where did Kaitlan Collins work prior to joining CNN?

Before joining CNN as a White House correspondent, Collins worked as an entertainment reporter for The Daily Caller, which was co-founded by conservative TV host and ex-Fox News political commentator Tucker Carlson. Carlson’s stake was later bought out by the company’s other co-founder, Neil Patel.

The Daily Caller is known to deliver content on trending stories using titles that some consider clickbait. Collins was allegedly tied to some of these stories, though many have managed to disappear from the internet, reports the New York Post.

The source says at least five of Collins’s bylines have gone missing, one of which includes “The Internet Wonders Are the Obama Girls Skirts Too Short.” Another story Collins’s name was reportedly attached to was “Ice Bucket Challenge Hipsters: These Guantanamo Detainees Did It First,” which was published in 2014.

Although some of Collins’s bylines at The Daily Caller may have been “embarrassing,” it was her “dedication to her work [that] caught the eye of CNN.”

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