Kelsey Harris’ Texts About Tory Lanez Allegedly “Dragging” Her Admitted In Trial: Report

She texted Megan Thee Stallion to ask if she should go to urgent care because Tory Lanez dragged her by her hair. Kelsey Harris now says she doesn’t remember the texts.

The case against Tory Lanez is reading more like a soap opera, thanks to the surprising testimony from Kelsey HarrisMegan Thee Stallion’s former best friend was one of four witnesses to the July 2020 shooting. Lanez is accused of firing the shots that injured the Houston hitmaker. However, he has pointed the finger at Harris, saying she shot Megan following a fight.

On December 15, 2022, Harris took the stood for the second day in a row, and her testimony this time around was just as confusing as previously. According to courthouse reporters, Harris testified that she lied about Lanez assaulting her because the prosecution pressured her. Additionally, she stated she learned from Megan’s “team” that the rapper wasn’t shot but only stepped on glass.

“Maybe the most significant development this morning at Tory Lanez trial came after Kelsey Harris left the stand,” wrote reporter James Queally. “The prosecution is seeking permission to play her entire recorded interview from September 2022.”

“On cross-examination, defense attorney George Mgdesyan began to ask questions implying the prosecution had pressured Harris to testify,” he added. “And DDA Alexander Bott is arguing this has opened the door to playing the tape to defend the integrity of the prosecution.”

Also, the doctor who performed emergency surgery on Megan immediately following the shooting showed X-rays to the court.

On the stand, Harris was reminded by prosecutors that her immunity doesn’t cover perjury. She initially said she saw Lanez shoot Megan and texted the rapper’s bodyguard to help. Yet, Harris now denies witnessing anything.

She now claims she heard gunshots but didn’t see the shooting occur. She also denied she saw Megan limping. Harris told the defense attorney that she wasn’t contacted by Lanez or his lawyers, and she didn’t feel intimidated by them. She also denied being paid hush money, but yesterday (December 14), Harris admitted that Lanez did offer to give her $1 million. She said he didn’t mention a shooting.

Because she called the prosecution’s intent into question, a judge did allow specific text messages to be entered. In one sent to Megan on the evening of the shooting, Harris told her former friend that her back and neck hurt “from the fighting & him dragging me out of the car by my hair.”

She reportedly said she sent those texts due to “panic” and didn’t recall sending them. Now, the world speculates not only about the outcome of this trial but if Harris will face charges in the future.

Meanwhile, Lanez’s defense is that Harris pulled the trigger and shot Megan. Both he and Harris were found with gunpowder residue.

(Via – NBC)

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