Is Kendall Jenner In A Relationship, Who Has She Dated? His Current Boyfriend (Bad Bunny), Exes, Dating History

Who is Kendall Jenner dating right now? The famous wealthy model is reportedly in a relationship with Musician Bad Bunny.

When it comes to members of the Kardashian family, people can’t get enough info. What are they doing? Who are they dating? What’s the latest scandal or controversy (because you know there’s always at least one at any given time)?

So it’s no surprise that Kendall Jenner‘s many, many fans want to know who she’s dating right now. With her high-profile list of romantic links over the years, the current state of Kendall’s personal life is a hot topic in many fans’ minds. So, here’s what we know about who the socialite and model is dating right now.

Kendall Jenner, Bad Bunny
Kendall Jenner, Bad Bunny

Who is Kendall Jenner dating? She is reportedly seeing Bad Bunny.

The internet lost their minds after gossip outlet Deux Moi alleged that Kendall Jenner and Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny were spotted kissing at a club in Los Angeles in early February 2023. Commenters flooded social media pages questioning if the rumors were true.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN KENDALL JENNER & BAD BUNNY ARE aLLegedLy DATING IM GOING TO END IT ALL BENITO THIS ISNT YOU!!!!!” one user wrote. Another said, “Apparently bad bunny was making out with Kendall Jenner and honestly a man will always disappoint me.”

Then, People reported that the pair were photographed on a double date with Kendall Jenner’s BFF Hailey Bieber and her husband Justin. A source told the outlet the pair “are spending time together.”

“Kendall recently started hanging out with him,” adds another source. “They were introduced by friends. He moved to L.A. a few weeks ago and bought a house.

“She likes him and is having fun,” the source continues. “He is different from guys that she dated in the past. He is very charming.”


6 NBA Players Kendall Jenner Allegedly Dated

Kendall’s dating history indicates that she definitely has a type, and that type is basketball players. Kendall has previously been linked to Phoenix Suns player Devin Booker, Jordan Clarkson of the Utah Jazz, D’Angelo Russell of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Blake Griffin of the Detroit Pistons, Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers, and Kyle Kuzma of the Los Angeles Lakers. Whew!

It’s worth mentioning although Kendall has been linked to the above players, she never confirmed that she dated them. And even if she did, that’s obviously her prerogative.

1. Devin Booker

devin booker

Recently, Kendall has been involved in a serious relationship with Phoenix Suns player Devin Booker. The pair reportedly began seeing each other in 2020 but kept their romance largely under wraps until going Instagram official with a story post on Valentine’s Day 2021. After that admission, Kendall was seen at Devin’s NBA games supporting him, and the two shared even more loved-up snaps on Instagram.

Despite their hectic schedules, Kendall and Devin seemed to be making their relationship work. However, in June 2022, a source confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that the couple broke up. According to the insider, they decided they were on “different paths” and couldn’t get on the “same page” about their future together.

Neither Kendall nor Devin shared what led to the split. The two appeared to briefly reconcile in July 2022, delighting long-time fans of the couple, but in November 2022, People confirmed the two had separated for good just a month prior in October.

2. Jordan Clarkson

jordan kendall

Back in November of 2016, Kendall was spotted getting really close with Jordan at Drake’s after-party after the 2016 AMAs. An eyewitness told E! News, “You could see that they’re really into each other and they certainly weren’t hiding it. They were very touchy-feely!” The two were dancing together all night and appeared very intimate. The eyewitness added that, “They were extremely coupley.” However, Kendall has never confirmed the relationship. 

3. D’Angelo Russell


This one is not so clear, but Kendall was spotted with D’Angelo Russell by TMZ and went to cheer him on *multiple times* when D’Angelo was part of the LA Lakers. A source told TMZ that Kendall is “just not that into him” and that they’re just friends. Who knows!

4. Blake Griffin


Kendall and Blake started dating summer 2017, but the relationship was pretty rocky. The went on a break in the winter of 2018, which possibly had to do with the fact that Blake was getting sued by his ex-girlfriend for palimony (and Kendall, unfortunately, got dragged into the drama). They broke up for good in May 2018.

5. Ben Simmons

ben simmons

A couple months after breaking up with Blake, Kendall started seeing Ben Simmons. They were spotted “cuddling” in July 2018. A month later, they went on vacation together with Khloe Kardashian and her then-boyfriend Tristan Thompson. Kendall broke things off and started seeing Anwar Hadid (Gigi and Bella’s brother), but then TMZ saw Kendall and Ben together again in November. These days, it seems like they have a super casual (or open) relationship.

6. Kyle Kuzma

kyle kuzma

Although The Daily Mail spotted Kendall and Kyle on a yacht together last 4th of July, they may not have been romantically involved. Entertainment Tonight reports that she and Kyle are just friends.

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