Lana Rhoades Net Worth: How Rich Is Lana Rhoades and Does She Still Do Porn?

Forget professional porn — Lana Rhoades makes bank on OnlyFans. So, how rich is Lana Rhoades now?

Although many people may know Lana Rhoades for her podcast 3 Girls 1 Kitchen, she first gained fame thanks to her time in the adult film industry. She may have grown up as a country girl in a small town, but she has said that she’s always wanted to work in porn. She even told the LA Times that she knew at 12 or 13 that she’d become a porn star.

Those goals definitely worked out for her, as Lana has become a well-known name both in the industry and on social media. She even won a few awards for her work in porn. Because of that and more, she’s reportedly got a net worth as large as her fame.

Lana Rhoades

What is Lana Rhoades’ net worth?

A number of sources report that Lana is worth around $20 million and she makes that money from a few different places. She did make money from doing porn and now she has OnlyFans with over 190,000 likes, so she could easily have millions of subscribers. She appeared on the BFFs YouTube Channel with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards and confirmed this: “I probably had $100,000 in my bank account when I quit shooting porn and now I’m a multi-millionaire.”

On top of that, Lana has a YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers, and the podcast does have sponsors. Plus, let’s not forget that Lana has millions of followers on Instagram and a partnership with the lingerie site Yandy. With all of this combined and how popular she is, it’s easy to believe that Lana is bringing in more than a million dollars a month.

Does Lana Rhoades still do porn?

Even though Lana grew up wanting to be a part of the adult industry, she no longer does porn. In that interview with the LA Times, she said she was “young and naive” when she started doing porn. “I didn’t realize what I’d have to do in that position,” she said. “Honestly, when I first got into porn, even the day before I was about to shoot my first scene, I never thought I’m about to have sex with someone. It’s being young and naïve.”

Lana has also said that she did a lot of stuff just to make others happy while she was doing porn. “You know I can’t blame anyone for anything because I told my agent and I told the directors, ‘Oh yeah, I want to do this. Let’s do all this crazy stuff,'” she said to AVN.

“But I think it was just to make everyone else happy because then I was at home and I was like, ‘Oh my god, I have to do double anal.’ And I was having panic attacks about it. And I think it was just the people pleaser in me that I was trying to make everyone else happy.” Lana started doing porn in 2016 but left the industry the following year.

Even though Lana did leave the professional porn industry, she does have an OnlyFans. All of her posts are private, but you can subscribe for $5.99 a month. But if you’re looking for all kinds of content on there, you won’t get it. During her interview with the Call Her Daddy podcast, she said she’s only posting nudes.