Is Lenny Kravitz In A Relationship, Who Has He Dated? His Current Girlfriend (Ana Paula), Ex-Wife, Dating History

Who is Lenny Kravitz dating right now? The singer is rumored to be in a relationship with this Mexican Model.

Singer and actor Lenny Kravitz has quite an impressive dating history. The rock star has been linked to some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, including his ex-wife Lisa Bonet, who he shares a daughter, Zoë Kravitz, with.

His other famous exes include Nicole Kidman, Adriana Lima, and Kylie Minogue. However, is Lenny dating anyone today? Keep reading to find out the latest dating rumors involving the

Lenny Kravitz is rumored to be dating a Mexican model.

lenny kravitz ana paula valle

According to Hola! magazine, Lenny is reportedly dating Mexican model Ana Paula Valle. In March 2023, Lenny was photographed with Ana shopping together in West Hollywood.

Ana, who previously dated Mexican singer Alejandro Fernandez, is 26 years old, so 32 years younger than Lenny. She also happens to be eight years younger than Lenny’s daughter, Zoë.

However, neither Lenny nor Ana has gone Instagram official with their rumored relationship. So, only time will tell if they are serious — or just two stylish friends shopping together.

Lenny is still really good friends with his ex-wife Lisa Bonet.

lenny kravitz lisa bonet
Zoë Kravitz, Lisa Bonet, and Lenny Kravitz.

Despite divorcing in 1993 after six years of marriage, Lenny and Zoë still maintain a close relationship. He also got very close with her second husband, Jason Momoa.

“People can’t believe how tight Jason and I are, or how tight I still am with Zoë’s mom, how we all relate,” Lenny told Men’s Health in 2020. “We just do it because that’s what you do. You let love rule, right? I mean, obviously, after a breakup, it’s work — it takes some work and time, healing and reflection, et cetera. But as far as Jason and I? Literally the moment we met, we were like, ‘Oh, yeah. I love this dude.'”

In another interview with Entertainment Tonight, he went on to explain their relationship even more, adding, “We experienced a very deep love that still carries on to this day, just in a different way. … We created such an exceptional human being. I’m so proud to be Zoë’s dad and that God saw it fit for us to all experience each other. It’s been the most beautiful gift.”

Lenny admitted he would like to get married again.

A hopeless romantic, Lenny is interested in getting married again.

“I’m pretty sure it’s something I want to do. I’m looking for somebody who has a passion of her own. Somebody who’s simple but has interesting complexities,” Kravitz told Rolling Stone of the qualities he looks for in a partner. “I’m contradicting myself. Simple yet complicated! Big yet small! Dark but light!”

He even pledged to remain celibate until he was remarried in 2011, but it does not seem like Lenny has kept his word.

“Did what? I said that?” Lenny responded when asked by Men’s Health for an update on his celibacy. We wish Lenny the best on his dating journey.

Who else has Lenny Kravitz dated in the past?

Lenny Kravitz has been engaged to Adriana Lima (2002 – 2003).

Lenny Kravitz has been in relationships with Barbara Fialho (2017 – 2018), Naomi Campbell (2016), Marisa Tomei (2004), Nicole Kidman (2003 – 2004), Devon Aoki (2000 – 2001), Natalie Imbruglia (1998), Vanessa Paradis (1992 – 1997) and Kylie Minogue (1991), per WhosDatedWho.


Who did Lenny Kravitz date?

Lenny Kravitz has been married once to Lisa Bonet. He has dated women like Nicole Kidman, Vanessa Paradis, Devon Aoki, Natalie Imbruglia, just to mention a few.

Who are Lenny Kravitz ex wives?

The Grammy winner has only been married one time and that was to actress Lisa Bonet. Lilakoi Moon, known professionally as Lisa Bonet, is an American actress. She portrayed Denise Huxtable on the sitcom The Cosby Show, for which she earned widespread and won accolades for it.

How long did Lenny Kravitz dated Vanessa Paradis?

From 1991 to 1996, she was in a relationship with Lenny Kravitz, who also produced her 1992 self-titled album.

Who did Lenny Kravitz have a baby with?

Kravitz has only one child – a daughter named Zoë Kravitz whom he had with his ex-wife Lisa Bonet. Speaking to GQ, Zoe, who is the child of musician Lenny Kravitz and actor Lisa Bonet, admitted that she had a “deep insecurity” about her success as an actor being viewed as less because of her parents.

Did Lenny Kravitz date Madonna?

Singers Kravitz and Madonna never dated. Speaking to Andy Cohen’s show, he revealed: “It never did. That’s the truth. [We’ve] always been really good friends.” While Kravitz admitted that they never dated, Madonna recalled in an interview with Howard Stern that she was deeply attracted to Kravitz.

Did Lenny Kravitz date Kylie Minogue?

Kylie Minogue and Lenny Kravitz dated for a brief period in the early ’90s, shortly after Kylie was left heartbroken by INXS rocker Michael Hutchence.

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