Lionel Richie’s House: Where Does Lionel Richie Live Now?

One, twice… 28 times a lady. Lionel Richie is one of the most successful music artists of all time, so it’s not much of a shock that he has the big bucks today. With an impressive reported net worth of $200 million, the singer lives quite lavishly. In fact, he lives bigger than anyone probably has imagined! Now that he’s reporting live from home for ABC’s American Idol amid the coronavirus pandemic, we’re exploring where he resides. Scroll down for details about where Lionel lives.

Where does Lionel Richie live?

Although he was born and raised in Alabama and graduated high school in Illinois, Lionel currently resides in Beverly Hills, Calif., which is nice and close to his Idol gig and just minutes from L.A. 

A 2017 Architectural Digest article explored the fascinating home of the “All Night Long” singer, and learned that the West Coast mansion is equipped with 28 rooms! That’s not a typo, there are literally 28 rooms in the abode.

lionel richie live
Lionel Richie live. SOURCE: INSTAGRAM

“I feel about my home the way I feel about my music: You have to take chances,” Lionel told the outlet about the elaborate space, which is exquisite on both the exterior and interior. “When I wrote ‘All Night Long’ as well as ‘Three Times a Lady,’ it was dangerous because at the time black guys were singing neither calypso songs nor waltzes. But since you only get one shot at life, let’s make it a challenge. That’s how I feel about this house.” 

The house has historical significance, as it was built in 1929 by architects Harry Koerner and William J. Gage. The uniqueness of the space is what captivated Lionel. “It’s a house you don’t find anywhere, much less 10 minutes from the center of Beverly Hills,” he shared. “Everybody looked at it and had the same response: Beautiful, but we don’t want to do the work.’ And in fact, I was reluctant.” 

But he pulled the trigger, and he’s since made it his own.

Being a singer, Lionel has spent much of his career traveling the world, so the overall theme of his house is inspired by that. “I call the rooms in my house destinations. If I want to be in a suite in Paris, I go upstairs to the bedroom and close the door. Italy? I walk outside to the stone path bordering the property and look back to see the cardinal’s house. With my career, I have to get on a plane every other week. So when people ask, Where do you go for vacation?’ I say, ‘I go home.'”  

But amid the spread of COVID-19, Lionel isn’t able to explore the world like normal. That said, he’s been sharing photos and videos of himself working from home, specifically on Idol, for his dedicated fans, which has given us a glimpse into his home.

By the looks of the pics, his house looks super cozy and inviting.

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