Logic Get A ‘Taylor Gang’ Tattoo As He Gets Pranked By Wiz Khalifa By Performing As “Wig Khalifa”

Wiz Khalifa pranks logic by performing as “Wig Khalifa” during final tour stop. Wiz Khalifa pulled a prank on Logic during the final stop of their Vinyl Verse Summer Tour.

Wiz Khalifa pranked Logic on the final show of their Vinyl Verse Summer Tour, earlier this week, by coming onto the stage as “Wig Khalifa” in an attempt to break Logic’s concentration. Khalifa detailed the prank in a video shared on his Instagram Story.

“Last day of tour y’all and you know we have to pull off a prank on Logic,” Khalifa said in the video. “I’m coming out as Wig Khalifa. Wig Khalifa. I got to perform with Logic, y’all. Check this shit out y’all, please watch this shit. Funniest shit I ever did!”

Wiz Khalifa, Logic
Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

He added: “Logic couldn’t take it because it was like, the funniest shit I ever did bro. And he handled it like a true sport. I fuck with Logic, man. We rocked that shit.”

The two rappers have become quite close since embarking on the joint tour back in July. After the series of shows wrapped up on Thursday, Logic shared that he had gotten a Taylor Gang tattoo in Khalifa’s honor.

In a video on social media, Logic explained that “this tattoo is bigger than just like, ‘Oh, I like Wiz Khalifa.’ This is like a thank you, showing reverence, respect, and love to the man who changed my perception of what is possible — and he got that big dick.”

Check out Khalifa’s prank below.

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