Is Maddie Ziegler In A Relationship, Who Has She Dated? The Actress’s Current Boyfriend, Dating History, Exes

Who is Maddie Ziegler dating right now? From Stevie Wonder’s son to Eddie Benjamin — Here’s everyone who the ‘Dance Moms’ star has dated.

Young love has got to be one of the purest forms of romance there is and no one knows this better than former Dance Moms cast member Maddie Ziegler. The dancer, who was first introduced to network television in 2011 at only 8 years old, has spent most of her life in the spotlight and her love life has been no exception. 

After her highly-publicized breakup with Jack Kelly, Maddie has made it a point to keep her boyfriends private, but fans are wondering — who is she dating now? 

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Rumors say Maddie Ziegler’s current boyfriend is Eddie Benjamin.

After first being spotted with her new love interest in late 2019, Maddie Ziegler made her relationship with Eddie Benjamin official in March of the following year, when Maddie posted a picture of her new boo on Instagram. Eddie, who is best known as a bassist for the band Haze Trio, is originally from Australia and has become well-liked by Maddie’s inner circle, including her mother and her longtime mentor, Sia. 

In an interview, Sia referred to Eddie as her “surrogate son” and revealed that the three were quarantining together at her compound in Los Angeles. Sia, who initially learned about Eddie online, explained, “You’re my Australian son. You didn’t have your family in town when we met, and I was like, ‘Oh, I’m going to have to be your mom here.'”

The “Chandelier” singer continued, “I just got extremely protective, as I’m over Maddie. I was basically like ‘any deal anyone tries to give you I will research myself and make sure nobody’s going to take advantage of you.'”

Maddie, who has remained mostly tight-lipped about her relationship with the bassist, said that after a viral breakup with ex, Jack Kelly, she is adamant about keeping the more personal aspects of her life, private. “I had a public relationship for two years, and I am never, ever going to make any relationship public as much as I did. I learned my lesson. On Instagram, people have assumed certain people that I am dating, but I’m just like, give it a rest,” she said.

Before her relationship with Eddie Benjamin, Maddie Ziegler dated Jack Kelly.

In late 2018, news outlets reported that after 18 months, Maddie Ziegler and Jack Kelly decided to bring their romantic journey to an end. While a statement explained that there was no definitive reason for Maddie and Jack’s split, that didn’t stop bloggers from creating rumors of cheating and infidelity. 

At the time, a source claimed to The Advertiser, “They still talk and there has not been a defining reason behind it, just that it’s becoming more difficult to maintain the relationship between the distance and both their schedules. They have not made an announcement because I don’t think they know what will happen and could just as easily resume in the summer.”

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After her breakup with Jack, fans speculated that Maddie dated Stevie Wonder’s son, Kailand Morris.

While unconfirmed by Maddie and her former alleged love interest, reports speculated that the Dance Moms alum was formerly dating Stevie Wonder’s son, Kailand Morris.

In a previous interview, Maddie said of Kailand, “We’re all friends. So all of us together – his younger brother Mandla – all of us hang out literally every day together so it’s fun. People assume everything, but we’ve had a great time, we’re all so close, and I love them so much.”

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