How Rich Is Maria Shriver? Anchor Maria Shriver’s Net Worth, Salary, Forbes Fortune, and More

What is Maria Shriver’s net worth? Did Maria Shriver build her wealth independently – how big is her fortune today?

Maria Shriver admits she has worn and continues to wear many hats. Shriver is a journalist, mother, and leader looking to address some of the world’s most pressing issues, including Alzheimer’s disease and women’s empowerment. Though Shriver is often recognized as the former wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger, she has developed quite a portfolio. What’s Maria Shriver’s net worth?

Shriver has developed programs, partnerships, and her career, all while staying connected with society.


Maria Shriver is an award-winning American television journalist and author. She currently works at NBC News and has secured two Emmy awards and a Peabody Award. Shriver is a seven-time New York Times bestselling author, and in 2014, she founded Shriver Media, which is known for delivering content on an array of topics, including social change and women’s empowerment.

  • Profession: Anchor for NBC News, Founder of Shriver Media
  • Net worth: $200 million
  • Education: BA in American studies from Georgetown University (1977).
  • Spouse: Arnold Schwarzenegger (1986–2017)
  • Date of birth: Nov. 6, 1955
  • Children: 4

A look into how Maria Shriver built her estimated net worth of $200 million

maria shriver net worth

Shriver’s net worth began building before her work at NBC News. Born into a family of leaders and politicians, Shriver is the niece of the late John F. Kennedy, who served as the 35th president of the U.S., and Bobby and Teddy Kennedy, who both served in the U.S. Senate.

Her father served as “the founding director of the Peace Corps and led the nation’s war on poverty,” according to Shriver’s website. Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the journalist’s mother, also displayed leadership qualities, having started the Special Olympics.

After Shriver earned her BA in American studies from Georgetown University, she began working to build a career in journalism. Some of her more notable positions have included:

  • Writer and producer for KYW based in Philadelphia (1977).
  • Writer and producer for the show Evening Magazine based out of Baltimore, Md. (1978).
  • National correspondent for CBS and co-anchor of CBS Morning News (1983).
  • News correspondent for various NBC segments, including Main StreetToday, and Dateline (1987–2004).

Shriver resigned from her position at NBC after her former husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, became governor of California. She returned to NBC in 2013 and currently works there today. In 2011, Shriver and Schwarzenegger divorced, though they had built their net worth up to a reported $400 million. It isn’t clear whether the couple divided their marital assets equally. Today, Maria Shriver has an estimated net worth of $200 million.

Maria Shriver has also secured 4 Emmy nominations and 2 Emmy Awards

Both during and after her marriage to California’s former governor, Shriver has remained busy in her attempts to leave a mark on society. In 2009, was awarded two Emmys: “Outstanding Children’s Nonfiction Program” and “Exceptional Merit in Nonfiction Filmmaking.”


Shriver’s list of accomplishments continues

Shriver’s portfolio is open-ended, in that she hasn’t set a limit as to how much she can do or accomplish. In addition to working as a journalist, she founded the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement in 2012 to address Alzheimer’s disease by “raising the stakes for women-based research and to use [her] voice to inform people of the facts.”

Shriver also created the Shriver WE Invest Program, which claims to have helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs based in the U.S. “receive micro-loans totaling more than $1 million.”And in 2014, she founded Shriver Media, which serves as a platform to share documentaries, films, and content that covers a multitude of topics Shriver has developed a passion for. Shriver’s net worth reflects her hard work.

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