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Offbeat internet comedian Megan Stalter is also an HBO Max star. Is she dating anyone and does she have a baby?

Megan Stalter ensured all eyes were on her as the American actress wowed in a stunning lace dress leaving very little to the imagination. Taking to the red carpet at Emmy Awards 2022, the Hacks actress risked an awkward wardrobe malfunction after revealing her undergarments in a sultry red gown.

Her Emmys display was just a little of what Megan Stalter can do. You might likely know who queer comedian Megan Stalter is. If not, then you surely exist on a different plane of the internet. For right now, we welcome you to join us on our bizarre plane of the internet.

Rising star Meg Stalter of the Emmy-winning comedy series Hacks has seen great success in her acting career. Below, we have gathered 10 facts you should know about Megan Stalter. Let’s dive into them.

Megan Stalter is an American comedian and actress.

Stalter as an actress is known for A Song For Jenny (2015), Gangs of London (2022), The Rig (2022), and BBC3 Quickies (2018-2020). She is also part of the multi-award-winning, international sketch trio, Muriel Comedy. Meg trained at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA).

In her videos as a comedian, Stalter specializes in desperate, deluded characters who are prone to theatricality, frequent mispronunciations, and botched suicide attempts. “I feel like all my characters are people whose lives didn’t turn out a certain way, but they’re still trying to pretend like it did,” Stalter has said.

She’s a former member of the Lincoln Lodge, and creator of FreakFest and The Megan Stalter Show. She is also a writer and performer on the upcoming National Lampoon Radio Hour relaunch.


How old is Megan Stalter?

English actress and writer Meg Stalter was born in 1990 in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. This puts her age between 32 to 33 years old. Stalter currently lives in Los Angeles.


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Who are Megan Stalter’s parents?

Megan has not given much information about his parents as of now. LA Times report she is the eldest of four children.

While her parents’ names are not known yet, her father is a tattoo artist in Cleveland and her mother is a nurse. She has two sisters, a brother named Nick and a sister-in-law Destiny.

Stalter lived in her birthplace, Cleveland, until the age of 12. She then moved around with her family and lived in Dayton, Huber Heights, and Centerville, Ohio. She was raised in the Pentecostal Church.

Where did Megan Stalter attend school?

Stalter attended Wayne High School, where she was part of the drama club, and tried out for every play, but never got the lead. After graduating from high school, Stalter attended Sinclair Community College and later Wright State University, but left to try acting again. She began doing sketch and improvisational comedy in Dayton and moved to Chicago soon after to do comedy full-time. Stalter often collaborates with her brother Nick and his wife Destiny.

Source: Twitter

Megan Stalter gained fame on social media during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic era.

The wonderfully weird internet comic rose to fame during the pandemic, entertaining Twitter and TikTok with her cringey, delusional, desperate, and falsely confident characters. Whether she’s playing an out-of-touch woman trying to sell butter to the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month or a too-open sex “expert” who happily gives out STDs — you know, a Sex Tip of the Day — Meg is always unapologetically cuckoo.

As for where her wild persona begins and ends, nobody knows. It’s all a part of the fun.

Megan Stalter

Megan Stalter’s role on HBO Max’s ‘Hacks’ was her first professional acting gig.

During the height of the pandemic, people needed laughter, and Megan Stalter’s original brand of comedy proved to be just what the doctor ordered.

She scavenged for weird props in her home, using her phone to record short, attention-grabbing character sketches. As put by The New Yorker, it wasn’t long before Meg became “the queen of quarantine.”

The next thing all of us knew, Meg was starring in a hit HBO Max comedy series.

“I couldn’t be more lucky. I can’t believe it. That’s my first time on set. That’s the first time I ever had a professional acting job. I haven’t even done a commercial,” Meg told The New Yorker of her Hacks role.

On the Emmy-winning series Hacks, Meg plays Kayla, a terrible assistant who just happens to be a nepo baby.

“Kayla is the manager’s assistant, and she’s a bad assistant. She’s kind of a party fashionista slash silly rich girl whose dad owns the company, so she has this privilege and power. She sees [the manager] Jimmy as — they’re like equals, even though Jimmy is her boss,” she told The New Yorker.

Kayla is like a hilarious caricature of someone we all know.

Megan Stalter has an undying passion for performing.

“I really never remember not wanting to perform. I can’t ever remember a time I wasn’t making videos. When I was little, we always liked making videos, me and my siblings and my cousins. Anytime there was a talent show or a Christmas pageant, I’d be desperate to be in it,” she said.

And yes, she’s knows that she can be a bit bonkers.

“I do think that I’ve always been sort of weird, freaky, silly. I definitely didn’t fit in in high school, besides drama club,” Meg continued.

Aside from her internet persona and Hacks gig, Meg is known for appearing in singer Kacey Musgraves’s album film Kacey Musgraves: Star-Crossed: The Film and co-hosting Netflix’s reality competition series Snack vs. Chef.

Additionally, Meg has a role in Rachel Lambert’s 2023 dramedy Sometimes I Think About Dying.

At this rate, Megan Stalter is going to take over the world, one awkward, Kohl’s Cash-obsessed character at a time.

Who is Megan Stalter dating right now and does she have a child?

Now living in Los Angeles, Megan came out as openly bisexual as she has admitted to dating both men and women. As of 2023, Stalter is currently dating a woman named Maddie.

In a series of pictures that prove they are very much into each other, the two chilled out over drinks. 

The first photo showed Stalter smiling as her girlfriend kissed her on the cheek. The comedian also included a picture of the couple kissing and declared that the two are together.

Meg has talked about having a baby. The Vulture has revealed Stalter’s daughter is named Jaundice.

What is Megan Stalter’s net worth?

Megan Stalter is an American comedian and actress. She’s a former member of the Lincoln Lodge, and creator of FreakFest and The Megan Stalter Show. She is also a writer and performer on the upcoming National Lampoon Radio Hour relaunch.

Stalter has an estimated net worth of $1.4 Million which includes her assets and income all attributed to her successful career as an actress. 

Megan Stalter’s social media platforms

Meg is very active on social media. In fact, her popularity started on Twitter and TikTok when Covid-19 was extremely claiming the lives of many.

You can follow her on,

Instagram: @megsstalter

Twitter: @megstalter

TikTok: @megstalter

YouTube: @meganstalter

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