10 Fun Facts About Mya Mills: Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Parents, Height, Boyfriend, Benrahma, Digga D, Kids, Bio, Wiki

Mya Mills is a social media personality best known for her modeling lifestyle on Instagram and TikTok. Her biography is explored below.

As we live in the twenty-first century, where the internet is still an important part of our lives, many people have emerged with large followings on various online platforms. The rise of social media has enabled people to reach a global audience. These people are termed social media celebrities, social media influencers, social media personalities, internet personalities, or simply influencers.

Wikipedia defines the term Internet celebrity as “a celebrity who has acquired or developed their fame and notability on the Internet”.

One individual who qualifies for the popular term is Mya Mills.

Mya Mills is a renowned British Instagram star and fashion model who has used social media to make a living. She is also known for dating Digga D, a British rapper.

Mya also gradually gained popularity on social media by sharing her modeling pictures. She is also a Fashion Nova brand influencer with thousands of fans on Instagram.

There is more about Mya Mills that her followers and admirers must know of her, including but not limited to his social media presence, how she became famous, her personal and family life, and her finances. TheVibely has gathered 10 interesting facts to know about Mya Mills. Let’s dive into her life.

Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:Mya Mills
Net Worth:$1.5 million
Profession:Instagram influencer, model
Full Real Name:Mya Mills
Birthday:19 May 2001
Age:22 years old (as of 2022)
Birthplace:England, United Kingdom
Current Residence:London, England, UK
Zodiac Sign:Aquarius
Height:5 feet 9 inches (169 kg)
Weight:163 Ibs (55 kg)
Body Measurements:in inches 32-24-35
in centimetres 81-61-89
Hair Color:Dark brown
Eye Color:Dark brown
Relationship Status:Dating Benrahma
Ex-Boyfriend:Digga D
Children:No kids
School:Wood Bridge High School
Source: Instagram @myamills

1. Who is Mya Mills?

She is a British social media influencer and model. She promotes fashion brands on her Instagram, including I Saw It First, PrettyLittleThing, and Misspap. The British fashion model is currently working with a multi-purpose agency specializing in social media marketing, MUSE The Agency.

Mya Mills has an Instagram account with a substantial following where she provides a variety of services to customers with fashion interests and supports talent production.

Source: Instagram @myamills

2. How old is Mya Mills?

The British Instagram star was born on 19 May 2001. Mya Mills’ age is 22 years old as of 2022. Her birth sign is Aquarius.

Source: Instagram @myamills

3. Who are Mya Mills’ parents and where is she from?

The model was born in England, the United Kingdom. Mya Mills’ ethnicity is mixed, and she is a British national. Mya Mills has not shared her parents’ identities. She schooled at Wood Bridge High School, based in the United Kingdom.

Source: Instagram @myamills

4. How tall is Mya Mills?

Mya Mills’ height is 5 feet 9 inches, or 169 centimetres, and her body measurements in inches are 32-24-35 (81-61-89 centimetres). She weighs 121 pounds (55 kg). She has 6 (UK) dress sizes and 5 (UK) shoe sizes. She has a dark brown eyes and hair color.

5. How did Mya Mills get famous?

Mills is a social media influencer and fashion model by profession. The Instagram star started making waves in May 2016 when she began posting her photos on her profile. At that time, the British social media influencer was 15 years old.

She has accumulated a significant following on the platform, and at the time of writing, she has upwards of over 665k followers. The Instagram star can also be found on TikTok, where she has almost 327k followers with over 5.8 million likes.

The fashion lover has collaborated with prominent fashion companies such as FashionNova, Oh Polly, Lounge Underwear, and many more. She frequently posts pictures on Instagram advertising clothing brands and outfits. Mills is currently working with MUSE Agency, a multi-purpose agency specializing in social media marketing.

On 27 May 2022, The Couture Club is set to release a collaboration with Mills. It will be an exclusive women’s collection of clothing.

Source: Instagram @myamills

6. Has Mya Mills had plastic surgery?

Well, this is one of the numerous allegations endowed famous women face as Instagram star India Royale has also been accused of having had a BBL.

There are rumors that model Mya Mills has undergone cosmetic surgery to enhance some parts of her body. There are actually tons of videos on TikTok with such hashtags claiming the influencer has had surgery.

The black beauty Mya flaunts her beautiful body when she steps into public and with the lovely figure that she maintains, one could argue that she may have had cosmetic surgery.

Mya’s before and after photos could make people believe the rumor as well. But the kind of transformation she has had over the years could be the result of her professional career.

She has, however, chosen to stay quiet about the rumors. Mya Mills’s before-surgery photos are not surfaced to the public.

7. What happened between Mya Mills and Digga D?

The British fashion aficionado was in a relationship with the UK Drill rapper Digga D, real name Rhys Angelo Emile Herbert. Are Mya and Digga still together? Digga D and Mya parted ways in March 2021 due to personal reasons, Legit confirms.

Source: Instagram

8. Who is Mya Mills dating right now?

Fashion model Mya Mills is currently dating West Ham footballer Benrahma as she has featured him in loved-up videos on her TikTok account.

The Sun UK reports Benrahma swapped the football pitch for a luxury hotel escape with girlfriend Mya Mills.

Fashion model Mya took to TikTok to detail their stay in the Cave Hotel. In the video, Mya showed off the hotel’s interior and the room where the pair stayed.

To kick things off it started with Mya videoing Benrahma as he donned a white hoodie and walked into the hotel.

After entering, the video showed off a cozy-looking fireplace and the top-floor bedroom they stayed in.

Mya then teased Benrahma as she filmed him sitting down on his phone.

Although in her voiceover she admitted: “He literally hates it when I film my TikToks. “I basically just make him sit there for a whole five seconds.”

Afterwards, the pair ordered some dinner with Mya getting some prawns while the West Ham star treated himself to some fries.

They then got dressed up, with Mya describing their outfits as “cute” due to them donning similar outfits. The hotel’s restaurant was their next stop, where Mya gave a 10/10 rating.

Benrahma liked it as well, grabbing the fish in contrast to her steak. The night ended with a session of Netflix before they went to bed.

This comes days after the fashion model rated the Hammers attacker’s shoe collections out of ten in a TikTok video, as well as some funny comments along with them. Out of the pairs the fashion model wore, she gave top marks to the LV X Nike Airforce 1 trainers and blue Adidas football boots.

Source: Instagram @myamills

9. Does Mya Mills have a child?

The model has dated quite a few famous men in a couple of years. The ones we know and were public were her relationship with drill artist Digga D and now with Benrahma, a popular West Ham soccer player. From all the men she has dated so far, she remains without a baby. The model has no children of her own, however, she surely hopes to have a taste of what motherhood looks like in the future.

Source: Instagram @myamills

10. What is Mya Mills’ net worth?

According to Famous Birthdays, the British fashion aficionado allegedly has a net worth of $1.5 million. However, this information is not official and is under review.

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