Is Nafessa Williams In A Relationship or Does The ‘Black Lightning’ Star Have A Boyfriend? Inside Her Dating Life

‘Black Lightning’ star Nafessa Williams is living her best single life off-screen.

Another day, another celebrity dating life to explore. Some celebs have no issues with putting their personal lives on full display, while others prefer to take a more private approach. There’s nothing wrong with either option —since we all make our own rules — but secrecy can lead fans to start digging. And that’s the case for Black Lightning star Nafessa Williams.

Nafessa has blown all of our minds with her performance on The CW hit show, so it’s no surprise that fans want to learn more about her. And while she appears to be pretty open to a certain extent on social media, people are interested in digging a little deeper. And the first place fans want to start is with Nafessa’s dating life.

So, does Nafessa have a main squeeze?

It goes without saying that sometimes it’s best to keep your relationships private. After all, no one wants to see headlines of their personal life. However, sharing details of who you’re dating can work in a celebrity’s favor — especially if their fans are already fond of them.

nafessa williams
Nafessa Williams

That being said, it’s hard to tell whether Nafessa is coupled up at the moment. The star has never opened up about her dating life, and her Instagram page appears to currently be beau-free. It only shows a mix of charity work, photos of her close friends and family, and a collection of stylish and sexy snaps of the star.

We wouldn’t be surprised if she has a boo, though. After all, not only is Nafessa gorgeous, she’s also super-talented. Plus, it seems as if she likes to keep things on the private side, which is something that a lot of people would appreciate.


And since there haven’t been any whispers of the star canoodling with a beau, it’s safe to say that she’s #TeamSingle. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if she pops up with a partner any day now.

Per WhosDatedWho, Nafessa Williams has been in a relationship with Matthew Noszka.

Nafessa is making history as the first Black and lesbian superhero on ‘Black Lightning.’

While Nafessa is being tight-lipped about her personal life, her acting career is an open book. And while she may be single in her life off-screen, she’s definitely coupled up on Black Lightning


In case you didn’t know, Nafessa’s character (Anissa Pierce aka Thunder) is in a lesbian relationship with Grace Choi (played by Chantal Thuy). And while we’ve seen many lesbian couples in our time, this representation is truly special. 

Nafessa is making history as the first Black and lesbian superhero, and that’s something worth celebrating. 

Everyone deserves to be represented in all facets of life — fictional entertainment included. And while the superhero world almost always has female superheroes appear as either single or coupled with a man, it’s great to see that a female superhero coupled up with another woman for once.


“As a Black woman, I know what barriers we are still breaking down so that we can see ourselves,” she told NBC News. “I am very grateful that I was given the opportunity to give voice to this character and show young Black lesbian women that it’s OK to be themselves, and enjoy seeing themselves on TV every week.”

Over the last few years, we’ve seen Black entertainers slowly but surely make their mark in the industry. And at a time where some Black actors and actresses have been typecast, the versatility of roles in the industry is steadily growing.

So, while Nafessa may be a bit on the shy side when it comes to talking about her personal life, we love how she embraces being in a lesbian relationship on-screen. Plus, we love how she kicks ass in the series.

Black Lightning airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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