How Big Is Pete Davidson’s Penis? The Comedian Speaks On His Dick Size In An Interview

Pete addressed long-standing speculation about the size of his dick during an interview while promoting Bupkis.

We all know about Pete Davidson’s sordid dating history. From Ariana Grande to Kim K to a bevy of Twitter memes every time someone is newly single. In some ways, Pete Davidson single-handedly keeps the gossip business alive. One particular point of intrigue that has surrounded the 6″3 comedian for years is just how big his dick is.

The rumors about Pete’s phallus seemingly date to his 2018 relationship with Ariana Grande. Because Grande and Pete, when seen together, had the vibe of the Barbie meme “she’s everything, he’s just Ken, people began to joke that Davidson was well-endowed. At this point, we must stop and quickly debunk a rumor. 

Side To Side, Grande’s song about the soreness that comes from cowgirl, is not about Davidson. Side To Side was recorded in 2015, three years before the couple got together. Regardless, the meme of Big Dick Pete caught on and was seemingly confirmed by his SNL colleague Jay Pharoah. However, Davidson has finally spoken out about just what’s in his pants.

Pete Davidson

Pete’s Pretty Average, According To Pete

Appearing on The Breakfast Power Hour with host Charlamagne Tha God, Pete covered a wide range of subjects. First and most importantly, he was there to discuss his upcoming show on Peacock, Bupkis. The show, which has a star-studded cast, is a fictionalized version of Davidson’s life. He also serves as the creator and lead star. It’s the major foray into work inspired by his own life following 2019’s King Of Staten Island.

However, the topic of conversation eventually turned to Pete’s dick. “I really don’t understand, it’s really not that special,” Pete said of Little Pete, “It’s a very normal-sized penis. It’s not too big or too small.” After Charlamagne made reference to “baby bear’s porridge” (from Goldilocks), Davidson elaborated by saying, “It’s big enough to enjoy, not big enough to hurt.” So there you have it, Pete Davidson has a nice dick but is not wielding some sort of porn-level monster. As for how he bags so many babes, we have an answer there too.

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