Power Midget: OnlyFans Model Mocked On TikTok After High Energy Bill Due To ‘Adult Toys’

A short OnlyFans model and TikToker ‘Power Midget’ was baffled by her expensive energy bill, leading fans to suspect it might have something to do with her adult toy usage.

Standing at just 4’8, Power Midget is exceptionally short, but she’s used her lack of height to her advantage, earning a decent following on OnlyFans and other platforms.

Unfortunately for her, the income she’s been making through OF could be zapped up by an electricity bill that has left the TikToker absolutely shocked.

In a TikTok clip, the model showed off her bill and began wondering how it could possibly be so high. However, many of her viewers have a simple answer: adult toys.

Power Midget: OnlyFans Model Mocked On TikTok After High Energy Bill Due To ‘Adult Toys’

TikToker mocked after high energy bill for using ‘adult toys’

In the short clip, Power Midget placed her bill on a green screen and asked viewers, “How the f**k is my direct debit for just my electric gone from £87 to £793? I’m just going to f**king kill myself!”

The insanely high electric bill prompted users to debate in the comments with some joking that it was because of her adult toys.

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“Charging up them toys,” one user laughed.

“You need a diesel generator parked outside to charge all them toys,” remarked another.

Someone else suggested the OnlyFans star switch to “solar-powered toys” in the future, keeping up the running joke.

It may not be clear exactly why her energy bill skyrocketed, but hopefully, she can get to the bottom of it so she can continue making content without worrying about having to pay an arm and a leg to heat her home.

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