55 Coi Leray (Brittany Collins) Fun Facts: How Much Money Does The Rapper Make? Net Worth, Age, Height, Boyfriend List, Bio, Wiki

How did Coi Leray get famous? How old is Coi Leray? How tall is Coi Leray? All about rapper Coi Leray that every obsessed fan should know.

Coi Leray called by her real name Brittany Collins is a 24-year-old American rapper known for her music career with hit songs like “Twinnem”, “Huddy”, “G.A.N”, “Pac Girl” etc in 2017 and her debut mixtape Everythingcoz in 2018. 

The rapper began earning buzz in 2017 with the release of the viral singles “G.A.N” and “Pac Girl.” Her first full-length album, Everythingcoz, was released in March 2018.

She dropped out of high school at age 16 to pursue music. 

Her music video for “Huddy” was viewed more than half a million times on YouTube. 

She was born in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, and grew up in Hackensack, New Jersey. She has five brothers. Her father is rapper Benzino. She began dating rapper Trippie Redd in 2019, but the two later broke up. She’s been romantically linked to Pressa.

She recorded a remix of Gunna and Young Thug’s “King Kong.” 

Coi Leray has a net worth of $1.5 milion – $2 million in 2021, and makes a revenue of $115 – $1.8K in a day from per video on YouTube, according to Social Blade. Coi Leray earns $803 – $12.8K in a week, an income of $3.4 – $55.1K in a month and a salary of $41.3K – $660.7K in a year on her YouTube channel.

How did Coi Leray get famous? What happened to Leray? Who is Coi Leray dating in 2021? Who is Coi Leray Boyfriend? What is Coi Leray’s net worth? Read till the end of this article for answers to these and more search queries.

Coi Leray’s Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:Coi Leray
Net Worth:$1.5 million to $2 million
Real Name:Brittany Coi Leray Collins
Birthday:May 11, 1997
Age:24 Years Old
Birth Place:Boston, MA
Zodiac Sign:Taurus
Height”5 feet 3 inches (160 cm)
Boyfriend List:Her exes include Trippie Redd in 2019 and Blueface
Parents:Benzino (father)
Siblings:5 brother. The names of the two brothers are Kwame and Taj
Instagram @coileray with 5.5 million followers
YouTube Channel:Coi Leray with 1.14 million Subscribers
TikTok:@coileray with 8.7 million followers
Annual Income:$41.3K – $660.7K from YouTube ads
55 Coi Leray (Brittany Collins) Fun Facts: How Much Money Does The Rapper Make? Net Worth, Age, Height, Boyfriend List, Bio, Wiki

Check out these interesting facts about rapper Coi Leray that you probably had no idea of…

Coi Leray Biography (Wiki, Age, Height, Parents, Early Life, Family Life, Bio, etc…)

#1. Her real name is Brittany Collins.

#2. The name Coi Leray is her stage name and she was born on May 11, 1997.

#3. As of November 2021, Coi is 24 years old who now lives in the United States of America.

#4. Her height is 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm) and has Taurus as a zodiac sign.

#5. She was born in the Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, and grew up in Hackensack, New Jersey.

#6. She has five brother siblings but she grew up along with her two brothers named Kwame and Taj in Hackensack, New Jersey.

#7. Her father is a famous rapper and music producer, Benzino.

#8. Coi was passionate about music since her childhood days.

#9. She even left high school in middle to find a successful music career.

#10. Coi grew up listening to the songs of Rihanna and Chris Brown.

#11. But later she got more interest in rapping and started listening to songs of Chief keef and Rich the Kid. She used to sing and rap in front of her bedroom mirror.

#12. Coi is a unique breed of artist.

#13. Her delivery is aggressive and in-your-face, but her message is rare and provides a perspective unlike other female emcees in the game.

#14. At the young age of 16, Coi Leray dropped everything in her life, leaving high school and walking away from her family, in order to pursue her dreams.

#15. She’s here to break the stereotype and provide a new definition for female emcees all over the world. Coi might be young, sitting at only 24-years old, but she has a vision. Her soul is old, yet her sound is new and refreshing.

#16. Coi released her first track titled “G. A. N’ in December 2017. Coi Leray began making waves before 2017 wrapped up with her single “G.A.N”. The song was well received by music lovers. It has 2 million views to date.

#17. She released her second track “Pac Girl” in May 2018. In March 2018, she released her debut mixtape titled “EverythingcoZ”.

#18. The two singles”G.A.N”, “Pac Girl” garnered initial buzz due to their hard-hitting beats, her uniqueness of being able to both rap and sing, and the substance in her songwriting.

#19. Leray continued to release a few more songs like “No Letting Up”, “Get It” and “GoldRush”. All of the songs made her more popular.

#20. In September 2018, she came with the new song titled “Huddle”. It became a massive hit that generated 370k airplay on SoundCloud in just four months. The official music video also has massive views. To date, the video has over 5 million views on YouTube.

#21. In January 2019, she released the 2nd installment of EverythingcoZ mixtape titled “EC2”. Besides her solo songs, she has sung many songs collaborating with famous hip-hop artists like K Dos and Tatted Swerve.

#22. Coi recently fell into a controversial feud with her father, Benzino after she mentioned him in a wrong way on her rap song “No More Parties.” Leray further added she is embarrassed to be called his daughter.

#23. Coi broke the trends on TikTok as her song “Twinnem” made massive waves which eventually had effects on the numbers on her YouTube after she released the official visual to the song. She did the remix to “Twinnem” with rapper DaBaby.

55 Coi Leray (Brittany Collins) Fun Facts: How Much Money Does The Rapper Make? Net Worth, Age, Height, Boyfriend List, Bio, Wiki
Coi Leray and her boyfriend, Pressa

Who is Coi Leray dating now? About her Boyfriend in 2021?

#24. Coi Leray is in a relationship with a talented Canadian rapper who is well known as Pressa.

#25. This Canadian rapper was born on 10th May 1996, and he is right now, 25 years old.

#26. Coi’s boyfriend, Pressa’s original name is Quinton Armani Gardner, but as this name doesn’t fit in the trend of rapper’s names, so he had a change and declared himself as ‘Pressa’.

#27. The Canadian rapper’s parents had a different story and not like his son’s one. This guy was born to a Filipino lady and a Jamaican man. His father was put into prison for second-degree murder, and the rapper was just an infant.

#28. Coi Leray Boyfriend didn’t see his dad for over 15 years. But, fate wanted something good and great for Pressa and gave him immense popularity with the help of his talent.

#29. Pressa was ready with a song, Novacane, in 2016, and as this song was out, he started getting recognition. After this, he never looked back, and now, he is just counting money.

Who are Coi Leray’s exes (List of Boyfriends)

#30. Blueface: Coi dated Blueface back in 2020. But, this was just a rumor that circulated like a fire when they were spotted together on a lunch date at Harold’s Chicken that is in Hollywood. Also, it was noticed that Blueface licked Coi’s ear, which indicates some very close connection between them.

#31. Furthermore, there was a video that went viral on social media, and in that video, they were kissing. Here, the confusion gets more clarity, but neither of them opened about their secret relationship, so it is still not confirmed about their relationship. But, yes, they were very close, and Blueface was there in Coi’s life.

#32. Trippie Redd: Coi Leray dated rapper Trippie Redd in 2019.

#33. Coi Leray and Trippie Redd broke up soon, and their breakup story was as viral as their fans were extremely curious to know about their relationship. Their relationship had a lot of ups and downs, which weakened the bond between them, and they broke up.

#34. Also, Trippie Redd dedicated a song to Coi but after the breakup. The song was named ‘Leray’ on the album named ‘A Love Letter to You 4’.

#35. In this song, Trippie explained how the relationship was going and what else did he feel after staying at Coi Leray’s date.

#36. But, Coi didn’t like the song as the song was explaining the negative side of their relationship, so she spoke up and said that the guy was using her as a clickbait because if he wanted to say something to her, then he would have directly come to her.

Coi Leray YouTube Channel Information

#37. Coi Leray joined YouTube on December 18, 2017.

#38. Currently, her channel has 1.14 million subscribers with a total of 274,698,474 views.

#39. Her channel is ranked 24,962nd in the world and she has 92 videos uploaded so far on her channel.

#40. Her first video on YouTube was the official visuals to her G.A.N single which was uploaded 3 years ago and now has 2.7 million views.

#41. Her most popular videos are “Coi Leray ft Lil Durk – No Mre Parties Offical Video“, “Coi Leray – Slide Ft Gunna“, “Coi Leray ft. Pooh Shiesty – Big Purr” and “Coi Leray – Twinnem” with 71 million views, 20 million views, and 14 million views respectively.

#42. oi’s YouTube channel is full of her lifestyle content, music videos, and audio of her songs.

How much money does Coi Leray make on YouTube?

#43. Coi makes a revenue of $115 – $1.8K in a day from YouTube ads, according to Social Blade.

#44. Leray earns $803 – $12.8K in a week on YouTube.

#45. In a month, Coi earns an income of $3.4 – $55.1K from YouTube ads.

#46. Coi Leray makes a salary of $41.3K – $660.7K in a year from displayed ads on her YouTube channel.

55 Coi Leray (Brittany Collins) Fun Facts: How Much Money Does The Rapper Make? Net Worth, Age, Height, Boyfriend List, Bio, Wiki

What is Coi Leray’s net worth?

#47. Coi Leray has an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million to $2 million in 2021, this is according to a report by Exact Net Worth.

#48. Most of her income is from YouTube ads, selling her albums, show performances, concert tours just to mention a few.

Coi Leray Social Media Accounts

#49. Instagram: @coileray with 5.5 million followers

#50. Twitter: @coi_leray

#51. TikTok: @coileray with 8.7 million followers

#52. YouTube: Coi Leray

#53. Soundcloud: @coi_leray

#54. Website: Coileray.com

#55. IMBd

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