Stevie Wonder’s Children: Who Are Stevie Wonder’s Kids – How Many Baby Mamas Does He Have?

Music Legend Stevie Wonder has Nine children with Five Women. Let’s meet his kids and their mothers.

Like it or not, racism continues to rear its ugly head in the world. And over the last couple of years, racism has heightened, which has led to protests all over the country. And while Black and brown people are mainly the target of such acts, it has caused a lot of people to second guess their living situation — especially if they have children.

And music legend Stevie Wonder can definitely relate. As a Black man, there’s no doubt that the star has seen many horrible things in his time. Since things now appear to be worse, he is considering moving out of the states to protect his grandchildren. And while his stance is understandable, fans want to learn more about his family — in particular— his children and grandchildren.

Stevie Wonder is a father to nine children, with some working in the entertainment industry.

There’s no denying that Stevie has his own unique swag and style. And over the years, it has done the “Isn’t She Lovely” singer well in the dating and marriage department. And while Stevie has always been open about sharing his children with the world, most people don’t know much about them.

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Per AmoMama, the singer is a father to nine children. Yes, you read that correctly! The site reports that Stevie had his two eldest children, Aisha and Keita, with a woman named Yolanda Simmons. She worked at Stevie’s publishing company throughout the 70s.

Just like her dad, Aisha went on to become a successful singer. She has performed with her father numerous times over the years and has even toured with him. 

Stevie had his third child — Mumtaz — with a woman named Melody McCulley. Sofia and Kwame, his fourth and fifth children, are mothered by an unknown woman.

stevie wonder and daughter aisha

Kailand and Mandla, Stevie’s sixth and seventh children, were born to Stevie’s second wife, Kai Millard Morris. Mandla is a model and aspiring fashion designer. Kailand has also allegedly dated Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler.

The site reports that Mandla also appeared on Dancing with the Stars in 2018, where he and his partner Brightyn Brems placed fifth.  

According to WWD, Kailand has modeled in a campaign for Dior Men’s Modern Tailoring collection, walked in runway shows for Iceberg, Comme des Garçons, Jacquemus, and others — along with launching his own brand, House of Kom. 

The icon also had his two youngest children with his third wife, Tomeeka Robyn Bracy. As for his ninth child, his name is unknown.

Stevie is prepared to move to Ghana to protect his grandchildren.

While some information about Stevie’s children is public knowledge, the same can’t be said for his grandchildren. The singer has brought some of his children into the spotlight, but his grandchildren are pretty much a mystery.

That said, it hasn’t stopped the star from wanting to protect them at all costs — even if that means moving to another country.

Per People, Stevie is ready to leave the U.S. behind and move to Ghana. And it’s all in an effort to shield his lineage of grandchildren and great grandchildren from racial injustice in the U.S.

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“I am, because I don’t want to see my children’s children’s children have to say, ‘Oh, please like me. Please respect me. Please know that I am important. Please value me.’ What kinda life is that?” he says to Oprah Winfrey during an interview.

While the news may seem sudden, Stevie has long been thinking of moving to Ghana. The Orlando Sentinel reports that he has been considering moving to Ghana since as early as 1994. 

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At the time, he told a Washington gathering of the International Association of African American Music that he had fallen in love with the country and “there’s more of a sense of community there.”

And it makes perfect sense. There’s no argument that the lack of accountability with racism in the U.S. has been far less than acceptable. So, it’s no surprise that Stevie is ready to continue his life in Ghana. After all, Ghana is a country that can give Black people a sense of security and pride. 

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