Suzanne Somers’ Children: Who Is Suzanne Somers Married To? Meet Her Husband, and Kids

Throughout her many famed roles in film and television, Suzanne Somers has become an enduring face of 20th century pop culture. Over the course of her decades in the spotlight, the star has nabbed herself an impressive fortune.

Real named Suzanne Marie Somers, she appeared in the television role of Chrissy Snow on Three’s Company and as Carol Foster Lambert on Step by Step.

Aside from her incredible career, she is a married woman of deacdes and interestingly enjoying her second marriage currently. So, who is Suzanne Somers’ partner and ex-husband and does she have children?

Who is Suzanne Somer’s husband? He’s pretty famous in his own right.

Suzanne’s current husband, Alan Hamel, is a fellow entertainer, producer, and television host. Their shared love and work ethic in the same field has led to a long and fruitful marriage. Married in 1977, the couple has been happily in love ever since, and recently boasted about it.

During an interview with Heather Dubrow for her namesake podcast, Suzanne opened up about how one of the most enduring elements that keep her and Alan’s relationship fresh is their active sex lives.

Despite their ages (Suzanne is 76 and Alan is 86) the duo are apparently very active sexually. Suzanne told Heather that she and Alan have sex “three times before noon” thanks to new “hormones.”

suzanne somers children

Who are Suzanne’s kids? She is very close with her only son.

Although she has been happily married to Alan for decades, Suzanne was actually previously married to Bruce Somers. Suzanne received a music scholarship in college, but her situation changed when she became pregnant with Bruce’s child unexpectedly. Married in 1965 when she was only 19, Suzanne and Bruce made their move quickly due to the fact that their son, Bruce Jr., was already on the way. Bruce Jr is currently 57 years old.

Suzanne and Alan never actually had any children of their own, but she has remained ridiculously close with Bruce Jr. throughout his life. 

Alan has two children from a previous marriage to Marilyn Hamel: son Stephen and daughter Leslie, who grew up equally cared for by Suzanne.

The family has managed to overcome its eclectic makeup and remain rock-solid in its loving foundation for decades. 

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