How Rich Is Tabitha Brown? TikTok Star Tabitha Brown’s Net Worth, Fortune, Salary, Income, Etc

What is Tabitha Brown’s net worth? TikTok star Tabitha Brown is worth millions thanks to her vegan lifestyle.

Popular social media vegan chef Tabitha Brown was new to eating vegan when her YouTube video review of a Whole Foods vegan BLT sandwich went viral in December 2017. At the time, Brown was making ends meet as an Uber driver and she stopped in the market for a bite to eat.

By the time Brown was done with her Uber shift, her video had about 50,000 views, and those views doubled overnight, she told Jalen Rose in an article for the New York Post. Keep reading to learn more about the vegan chef and her net worth.

Tabitha Brown

What is Tabitha Brown’s net worth?

That video helped launch Brown’s career as an Emmy-nominated social media personality, actress, and vegan master. According to Exact Net Worth, Brown now has a net worth of $4 million. Her TikTok channel has almost 5 million followers, plus she has 4.2 million Instagram followers and 901,000 subscribers on YouTube.

TABITHA BROWN Profile Summary

Tabitha Brown had dreams of becoming an actress when she moved from North Carolina to Los Angeles. However, her fame grew from her YouTube video review of a vegan BLT from Whole Foods. The video quickly went viral and Whole Foods eventually asked her to be the store’s brand ambassador. Brown has been promoting the vegan lifestyle since then on her TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube channels.

  • Profession: Social media personality and Vegan chef
  • Net worth: $4 Million
  • Age: 43
  • Husband: Chance Brown
  • Children: Choyce Brown and Queston Brown

After her video review of the Whole Foods vegan BLT went viral, Whole Foods signed her as a brand ambassador for the sandwich and plant-based lifestyle, she said.

“I haven’t drove Uber since then. It has literally changed my entire life just from that video,” Brown told Rose.

Brown moved to California to be an actor.

Brown probably never imagined that her career would start on YouTube when she first moved to California at age 19 with the hopes of becoming an actor.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Brown enrolled at the Miami International University of Art & Design after high school to study fashion design. But she soon realized her passion for acting was much stronger than it was for fashion.

“I woke up in the middle of the night — a Wednesday night, I remember like it was yesterday — and it was like 1:00 a.m. I called my dad and I said, ‘Daddy, you need to come get me. I’m wasting your money.’ I said, ‘I’m supposed to be an actress. I can’t do this right now,'” Brown told Entertainment Tonight in 2020.

But Brown discovered how hard Hollywood could be for aspiring actors. She was working two jobs just to afford her living expenses, and her Orange County apartment was a bit far from the Hollywood studios where she wanted to work.

So, she moved back to North Carolina to regroup, and she landed a gig as a co-host for a local late-night show on the WB Network. The job refueled her Hollywood dreams, and after two years, she moved back to California with her husband.

Between 2004 and 2016, Brown got a few small acting roles. Between acting and trips back to North Carolina to care for her mother, Brown took on other jobs to make ends meet, including Uber.

Why did Tabitha Brown become a vegan?

Brown started eating a vegan diet in 2017, just a couple of months before she made the Whole Foods BLT video. Her daughter, Choyce, had suggested that the diet change may help Brown with her chronic pain, reports The New York Times. She joined a vegan challenge, and her headaches disappeared within just 10 days, she told the Post.

“After 30 days, I told my husband, ‘I’m starting to feel like my old self again,’ where I had almost lost hope before, and now I’m feeling restored. And I look back, and here we are going on almost six years, and it has truly changed my life and saved my life,” Brown told the Post.


Tabitha Brown designed a fashion line for Target.

Although Brown ditched her fashion design career for acting, now that she has become a celebrity, she has also been able to add fashion designers to the roster of her many talents. Last May, Target released a Tabitha Brown line of clothing. The store also carries Tabitha Brown-branded vegan food and kitchen essentials.

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