Who Is Tad Starsiak, Mina Starsiak’s Half Brother? Net Worth, Age, Wife, Casey, Cheryl, Mother, Tattoos, Father, Bio, Wiki, Etc

Biography fact about Tad Starsiak, the half-brother of ‘Good Bones‘ star Mina Starsiak Hawk who has made an impressive net worth as his other siblings.

A house isn’t really a home unless it has good bones, and that’s where Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk come in. The mother-daughter duo began flipping houses more than a decade ago to supplement their primary sources of income and later launched their home rehab business, Two Chicks, and a Hammer. Today, Karen and Mina spend their days doing what they love on their HGTV home renovation series, Good Bones.

Since the series first premiered in July of 2016, viewers have come to learn a lot about Karen and Mina. But as viewers dive deeper into Season 6, they are dying to know more about the rest of the family. So, who is Tad Starsiak on Good Bones?

Tad Starsiak

Who is Tad Starsiak from ‘Good Bones’?

Before her marriage to her current husband, Roger, Karen Laine was married three times. After Karen and Mina’s father, Casey Starsiak, divorced, he remarried his late wife, Cheryl, who was also the ex-wife of a family friend and former Good Bones cast member, Lenny Murrell.

After Cheryl’s death, Karen took Tad in as one of her own. Tad previously paid tribute to Karen’s act of kindness in an interview with HGTV. He shared, “When I was going through that rough time, every day I woke up and she was there for me. It’s great having her as a teacher and as another mom.”

Tad Starsiak was born as Thadeus Starsiak in the 1990s, in Hoosier, Westside of Indythe United States of America. As of now, he is at the age of 30s but the exact age is unknown as he has not shared his full date of birth with the media. He is the son of Casey Starsiak (father) and Cheryl Starsiak (mother). His father, Casey is an American board-certified orthopedic surgeon. Tad lost his mother, Cheryl at a very young age.

Tad Starsiak Karen Lane

According to Tad, he also has a very close relationship with his big sister. In a sentimental birthday post, the Good Bones star thanked Mina for helping him become the man that he is today. He wrote, “We are quite different, but it doesn’t make it harder to love you, just get along sometimes. Enjoy your day. I’m a better person because of you in many ways.”

In addition to Tad working alongside Karen and Mina doing demolitions for Two Chicks and a Hammer, Tad also owns a clothing company called Love Heals. Tad is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Christina Eslinger, who is also in the real estate industry. He is also a father to an adorable dog named Sirius, who can be seen frequently on his social media accounts.

Although most families have their ups and downs, the Starsiak family ties run deep. After Tad’s mom divorced Casey, she wound up remarrying her ex-husband, Lenny, who is now remarried to a woman named Ginger. But the trusted family contractor hasn’t been seen much on recent episodes of Good Bones. So what happened to Lenny Murrell?

Tad Starsiak Mina Starsiak Hawk

What happened to Lenny on ‘Good Bones’?

Although unconfirmed, rumors suggest that Lenny is no longer part of the cast on Good Bones for financial reasons. A report released by RealityStarTV confirmed that Lenny Murrell’s business expenses exceeded the budget for the show, forcing Karen and Mina to find a new contractor.

Although there is no indication that their split was anything but amicable, it doesn’t seem likely that we’ll be seeing Lenny again anytime soon. 

Tad Starsiak posing with his jeep
Caption: Tad Starsiak posing with his jeep (Photo: Instagram)

How much is Tad Starsiak’s Net Worth?

Tad Starsiak has an estimated net worth of around $500k as of 2022. He has been able to earn this massive amount through his career as a reality TV star. According to some online resources, a reality TV star in the United States earns an average salary of $64,439 per year.

As of now, Tad is living a lavish lifestyle with his family members. With his hard work and dedication, there is no doubt his net worth and salary will surely rise higher in the future days. On the other hand, his half-sister, Mina Starsiak has an estimated net worth of around $2 million according to BioGossip. She earns around $65k per year as her annual salary.

Tad Starsiak with his girlfriend, Christina Eslinger
Caption: Tad Starsiak with his girlfriend, Christina Eslinger (Photo: Instagram)

What is Tad Starsiak’s Relationship Status?

Tad Starsiak is currently in a romantic relationship with his girlfriend, Christina Eslinger. His girlfriend, Christina is a businesswoman and real estate broker who also runs an Instagram page, talk a talker. Tad and Christina met through their mutual friends. After dating for some years, they made their relationship official on 29th October 2019 through an Instagram post.

Since then, the couple is living a happy and blissful life together and there is no sign of their breakup or separation to date.

What is the Height of Tad Starsiak?

Tad Starsiak stands at the height of 5 feet 8 inches with a bodyweight of 70kg.  Tad’s hair and eyes are dark browns in color.


Is Tad from Good Bones Karen’s son? Tad is not a blood relative to Karen, however, he grew up closely with her. Tad reportedly lost his mother at a very young age and has considered Karen to be his ‘another mom’. Karen is sort of Tad’s godmother and the two share a budding relationship with one another.

Is Tad Starsiak in a relationship? Tad is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Christina Eslinger, who is also in the real estate industry. He is also a father to an adorable dog named Sirius, who can be seen frequently on his social media accounts.

Is Tad Starsiak Mina’s brother? Tad is Mina’s half-brother. He and Mina share a father. After Tad’s birth mother died, his godmother Karen took him under her wing. Since the whole bunch now works together at Two Chicks and a Hammer on Good Bones, they have continued to foster an incredible bond.

Is Tad Starsiak older than Mina? What’s everything we know about Tad Starsiak? Although HGTV’s Good Bones is primarily focused on the delightful mother-daughter duo Karen Laine and Mina Starsiak, there’s another fan favorite on the hit show: Mina’s younger brother, Tad.

Are Tad and Cory related on Good Bones? Although many of the stars of “Good Bones” are related, notes Distractify, Cory Miller is an outsider. But he’s treated just like family, thanks to his close relationship with Tad Starsiak and his sister/co-host Mina Starsia-Hawk; according to Screen Rant, Miller has known the family since high school.

Who did Tad from Good Bones cheer for? He participated in the co-ed cheer squad and later became a cheer instructor for UCA (Universal Cheer Association). He would later go on to become the head cheer coach of his high school alma mater, Cardinal Ritter, for over two years.

Was Tad a cheerleader? Once he graduated high school, Thadeus went on to become a student-athlete at IU lifting spirits as a member of the co-ed cheer squad. He excelled in cheer and became a cheer instructor for the well-known cheer company UCA (universal cheer association) for a year.

Does Tad from Good Bones have Instagram? Thadeus Starsiak (@the_demogod) • Instagram photos and videos.

Catch up with Tad, Mina, and Karen on new episodes of Good Bones Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on HGTV.

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