Who Are The Cast Of ’80 For Brady’: Their Names, and Ages

Is the Star-Studded Cast of ’80 for Brady’ Actually Over 80?

You’re never too old to be a fan of Tom Brady.

Ask the “Over 80 for Brady” club which is composed of five women over 80 who started gathering regularly to watch the New England Patriots play after their husbands died. But their meetings weren’t about analyzing each play as it was gushing over Tom. When asked to describe the former Patriot quarterback — who just announced his retirement — Betty Pensavalle, 95, had three words: “Handsome. Adorable. Gorgeous.”

Luckily, her friends Elaine, Anita, Pat, and Claire felt the same way about Tom. They started getting together so frequently to watch the game that they earned the name “Over 80 for Brady” club.

The new Paramount Pictures film 80 for Brady is based on the real-life “Over 80 for Brady” club.

Set in 2017, this sports comedy follows a quartet of older women who are major stans of Tom — so much so that they travel to Houston, Texas to watch Super Bowl LI and to meet their favorite player in person.

tom brady

Hollywood royalty Rita Moreno, Jane Fonda, Sally Field, Lily Tomlin, and Tom Brady all-star in this new film. But given the ages of the women in the “Over 80 for Brady” club and the movie’s title, it makes you wonder: How old are the four main characters? Keep reading to find out.

Rita Moreno, 91

Puerto Rican actress Rita Moreno, who is best known for playing Anita in West Side Story, plays Maura in 80 for Brady. Rita is 91 years old and lives in Berkeley, Cali.

Sally Field, 76

Sally Field

Sally Field, 76, plays Betty in 80 for Brady. She is the youngest of her female counterparts and the only one under 80. Her character is inspired by the “Over 80 for Brady” club member also named Betty. Sally, known for her roles in Sybil and Norma Rae, is believed to live in Los Angeles, Cali.

(Fun fact: “Over 80 for Brady” club member Betty has her grandson Max to thank for this film. Max works in Hollywood and originally pitched the fabulous idea of making a movie based on the “Over for 80 Brady” club).

Jane Fonda, 85

Jane Fonda plays Trish in 80 for Brady. The 85-year-old actress known for her roles in They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? and Klute currently lives in Los Angeles, Cali. but previously lived in New Mexico and Washington, D.C.

Prior to this film, she starred in the popular Netflix series Grace and Frankie with Lily Tomlin.

Lily Tomlin, 83.

lily tomlin

Lily Tomlin, 83, plays Lou in 80 for Brady. The esteemed actress is known for starring in the TV sketch comedy show Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In and films like 9 to 5 and All of Me. She also lives in Los Angeles, Cali.

Tom Brady, 45

Tom Brady, 45, plays himself in 80 for Brady. He was one of the oldest NFL players to date, prior to announcing his retirement on Feb. 1. He currently lives in Tampa, Fla. where he was playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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