What Happened To Chris Olsen? The TikTok Star Is Rumored To Be Dead – How True Is This? 

Are the death rumors surrounding TikTok star Chris Olsen actually true?

You have to have quite a bit of attention on you to be named TikTok’s Sexiest Man Alive 2020 by People, and Chris Olsen has proven that he knows how to captivate his millions of fans in more ways than one. Indeed, it seems as though Chris has been everywhere as of late. Whether it be entertaining his seven million-plus followers on TikTok or attending the 94th Academy Awards, Chris is certainly keeping his name in the conversation.

However, the latest reason why users online are discussing Chris has nothing to do with his accolades. Instead, there are some concerning rumors swirling around about Chris. So, what exactly happened to him? Keep reading to find out.

Chris Olsen

What happened to Chris Olsen?

As of late, there have been some rumors circulating online that Chris Olsen has died. Multiple sources reported on it, but the information has not been confirmed by anyone around Chris as of the time of writing. As for what may have sparked users online to discuss the possibility of Chris’s death, the only thing that seems to make sense is that there was a recent mix-up on Wikipedia where Chris was listed as being 75 years old.

This happened because Chris was confused by Wikipedia editors for another individual with the same name, but it didn’t stop the influencer from joking about it on TikTok.

“The fact that I have to do this every few months … starting to annoy me. Keep up, guys!” He told fans before showing a screenshot of Google that lists him as being 75. Otherwise, there is no real reason for why anyone would speculate that Chris is dead.


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To further that point, Chris’ most recent post on TikTok was on Oct. 17, 2022, where he made a collaborative video with Drew Afualo.

Over on Instagram, Chris posted a video of himself on his Story attending a Joshua Bassett concert during the evening hours of Oct. 17, 2022. He also shared a comedic video on the same date.

With all of that being said, it’s safe to say that Chris is not dead as of the time of writing.

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