What Happened To Emmanuel the Emu? TikTok Star Taylor Blake Confirms He Is ‘Fighting For Life’ In Florida Avian Flu Outbreak

Emmanuel the Emu, a viral TikTok sensation, is reportedly fighting for his life after catching the deadly avian flu in Florida.

The flightless bird has gone viral on numerous occasions via the Knuckle Bump Farms TikTok account.

Their channel has over 46 million likes at the time of writing, with some videos eclipsing four million views.

The small hobby farm, based in South Florida, has confirmed that their star emu has caught Avian flu (Avian Influenza). According to the CDC, the virus does not usually infect humans but can cause “significant illness and death among poultry during outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza.”

Below is an example of a viral TikTok, featuring Emmanuel.

Taylor Blake confirms Emmanuel the Emu is in trouble

In a series of Twitter posts, farmer Taylor Blake reported that a growing flock of Egyptian Geese had been continuously appearing on the grounds of Knuckle Bump Farms, spreading Avian Influenza.

Taylor estimates that over 99% of the birds on the farm have died as a result of the deadly outbreak.

Using social media, she has been trying to desperately find expert help for Emmanual before it is too late.

On October 17, Blake tweeted the family of the late Steve Irwin – a formerly famous Australian zookeeper who died in 2006 – asking for their help.

“I have been a fan of your family for as long as I can remember, I am reaching out to you in total desperation right now. I need help saving my emu, Emmanuel. I will pay to fly anyone to us, if they can help, no questions asked!”

The urgent pleas for support have been met with thousands of other Twitter uses retweeting and liking the posts, in an attempt to get more eyes on the situation.

Three other emus on the farm have died on the farm after catching the disease, including Emily, Eliza, and Elliot. What the future holds for Emmanuel remains to be seen.

The farm believes that Emmanuel could survive with urgent care and physical therapy, despite nerve damage.

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