What Happened To Alabama Rapper Rich Boy? More About The Alabama Rapper’s Arrest

Alabama Rapper Rich Boy Has Been Charged With Multiple Counts of Domestic Violence.

The hip-hop community has been shocked as of late by the recent occurrences in Alabama rapper Rich Boy’s life. The artist, who rose to fame back in 2006 thanks to his hit track “Throw Some D’s,” remained a local favorite for years with thousands of followers on social media.

However, the most recent reason why Rich Boy, who was born Marece Benjamin Richards, has been making headlines has nothing to do with his music. So, what exactly happened to Rich Boy? Keep reading for all of the known details.

Rich Boy

What happened to Rich Boy? His arrest has sparked concern amongst fans.

According to al.com, Rich Boy is charged with multiple domestic violence charges, including harassment and assault after getting into an altercation with his own parents. The rapper was arrested on Friday, Oct. 7, 2022, by Mobile, Al., police. The publication noted that he remained in jail over the weekend.

video that circulated online seemed to show Rich Boy involved in some sort of altercation. The artist can be seen shirtless and brandishing a set of long-armed loppers, which are used in gardening to trim high trees and bushes. He appears disheveled and agitated, which is a far departure from his usual social media appearances that feature designer clothes and him appearing cool and collected.

Rich Boy

In the wake of the video going viral, some fans took to social media to share their concern over Rich Boy’s well-being.

“You never know peoples battles, Rich Boy had hella hits, his 2007 album was fire … sending love and uplifting to him and love that these brothers showed him love instead of cracking jokes and kicking him while [he] is down,” wrote one user on Twitter.

“Have y’all seen the rapper Rich Boy on TikTok? I pray he gets some help,” chimed in another user.

“These rappers need to stay off all those drugs. So sad, y’all be so talented but let yourselves go for the streets [sic],” echoed a third.

Neither Rich Boy nor his family or representation have commented on the situation as of the time of writing.

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