What Religion Is Ethan Klein? h3h3Productions Host’s Comment About Jewish Community Gets Him Banned From YouTube

h3h3Productions host Ethan Klein has been temporarily banned from YouTube for comments about the Jewish community.

It’s difficult to say what might get you banned on certain outlets, particularly YouTube. While many who spread misinformation and hateful rhetoric on regular basis maintain their platforms on social media, other people may suddenly become targets and get banned altogether.

In recent news, we have Ethan Klein. He and his wife Hila run h3h3Productions, a YouTube channel consisting of reaction videos and sketch comedy. The recent situation he has found himself in is quite messy.

Ethan came under fire for comments made that could be interpreted as anti-Semitic. It’s not a great look, especially as the YouTuber defended controversial gamer PewdiePie in 2017 over the latter’s Nazi jokes.

Ethan’s reputation isn’t exactly squeaky clean, but did his comments really come out of nowhere? The recent controversy has led many fans to ask whether or not Ethan Klein is Jewish. Here’s what we know.

(l-r) Hila and Ethan Klein
(l-r) Hila and Ethan Klein

Is Ethan Klein Jewish?

When reporting on Ethan Klein’s latest incident, The Jerusalem Post confirmed that the YouTuber indeed is Jewish. As a matter of fact, he and his wife first met at a Holocaust memorial located in Israel back in 2007. At the time, Ethan was on his Birthright Israel trip, a 10-day traditional trip typically taken by young Jewish adults.

Aside from his religion, Ethan is also incredibly vocal on Twitter in speaking out against alt-right rhetoric, often getting into retweet fights with known conservative personalities on the internet. However, Ethan also cites the alt-right side of the internet for his recent ban from YouTube.

Ethan Klein received a YouTube ban for his recent comments.

Earlier this week, Ethan Klein received a temporary ban on YouTube for comments he made on his recent h3TV podcast, according to The Jerusalem Post.

“If there’s another Holocaust and people start rounding up the Jews again, I hope Ben [Shapiro] gets gassed first, or last,” he said.

Despite his co-hosts’ visual discomfort, Ethan tried to summon his Jewish heritage to double down on the comment.

He continues, “Can I not say that? I’m not doing anything. I’m getting gassed too.”

Ethan was banned from YouTube shortly after. He quickly took to Twitter to blame white supremacists for the ban.

He tweeted, “A few white supremacists successfully lobbied YouTube to suspend me, a Jewish dual citizen of Israel and USA, for antisemitism.”

Ben, who is also Jewish, responded on Twitter by saying, “If there were another Holocaust, I would hope that Ethan and his family escaped.”

It’s worthy of note that Ben Shapiro could easily be seen as virtue signaling from the situation. Ben is a conservative political commentator known for his anti-LGBTQ and anti-abortion beliefs. As of this writing, Ben has never been banned from YouTube for his hateful speech.

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