Who Are Jan Broberg’s Children? A Look Into The Actress’s Family

Does Jan Broberg have kids? In addition to her input as a producer, Broberg makes a cameo appearance in ‘Friend of the Family’ finale.

If you’re watching A Friend of the Family, the new drama streaming on Peacock, you might be curious to know where Jan Broberg is now — whether she has children or a husband, what she’s doing for a living, and how she’s moving on from her traumatic childhood.

As the Peacock series dramatizes — and as the Netflix documentary Abducted in Plain Sight chronicled — Jan was twice abducted by Robert Berchtold, a friend of her parents when she was a child.

These days, Jan has a family of her own, and she’s reclaiming the narrative around her headline-making youth.

In her adult years, Jan Broberg had a child and wed her husband Larry Felt.

Jan Broberg
Jan Broberg.

Details about Jan’s personal life are scarce online, but as of the time of a 2003 profile in the Idaho State Journal, she was married to a man named Larry Felt and had a 14-year-old son named Austen from her first marriage.

These days, Austen is the head producer of his mother’s Jan Broberg Show podcast, according to Seventeen. He also honored Jan with a birthday tribute on Instagram in August.

“Mom, even though I think the impact you’re making on this world is incredible and this new level of fame is really cool, I hope you know that I love you simply for being a wonderful mother every single day of my life!” he wrote.

Jan’s ordeal with Berchtold “had a huge, huge impact on her relationship with men,” according to Abducted in Plain Sight director Skye Borgman.

“She said that … she’s never felt as in love with any of the men that she’s been in relationships with as the kind of love she felt with Berchtold,” Skye told Vanity Fair in 2019. “To this day, Jan struggles with how to love and how not to associate that love with the love she felt for Berchtold when she was 12 and 13 years old.”

She also became an actress — and she even has a cameo in ‘A Friend of the Family.’

Jan has been acting on screen since 1992 when she appeared in the movie In the Line of Duty: Siege at Marion. She also had a long arc in Everwood, playing Nurse Louise in 32 episodes of the WB drama. (The fact that she was abducted as a child came as a surprise to costar Tom Amandes, as the State Journal reported.)

“I’m an actress; that’s my passion. It always has been,” Jan explained to TV Insider recently. “It saved my life as a kid during those four years when I wasn’t telling or talking about anything. I could get on stage and cry and sing and be happy and be mad and do all the things that I couldn’t do because I thought I was being watched and I was gonna be vaporized.”

For A Friend of the Family, Jan served as a producer, and she appears on screen in the final episode, playing a therapist for her own family.

“It was surreal, and it was amazing,” she said. “And I’m so glad I got to do it.”

Stream A Friend of the Family on Peacock now.

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