Who Is In A Relationship In Måneskin? The Måneskin Band Members Reportedly Marry Each Other

Which band member of Måneskin is dating? The Italian rock band held a surprise wedding ceremony to coincide with their album release.

The Italian rock stars Måneskin have just released their highly-anticipated album “Rush!” to much critical acclaim, and fans are loving the energetic new offering from the group.

To coincide with the release of this new album, Måneskin decided to take their devotion to their group to the next level. So, did Måneskin get married? Here’s what we know.


Did Måneskin get married? The band proved just how committed they are to one another.

Although Italian law does not recognize polygamous marriage, that didn’t stop the four Måneskin members from ceremoniously tying themselves together for life. In a video shared during the band’s Jan. 19, 2023, Instagram Live session, the band can be seen getting “married” at a wedding in Rome that was officiated by former Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele. For the ceremony, Victoria De Angelis and Ethan Torchio dressed as brides while Damiano David and Thomas Raggi dressed as grooms.

The group was asked, “Do you wish to get married promising to be faithful to each other always, in joy and in pain, in love and in honour every day of your lives?” Once they all said yes, the group exchanged rings and kissed to seal the deal, to much applause from the star-studded crowd in attendance. After the ceremony ended, Måneskin remained on stage to perform some songs from their new album.

Although it’s clear based on current laws that the foursome union won’t be honored by the Italian government, the mock ceremony is a fantastic marketing tool for “Rush!.” Furthermore, it proves overall that the group is as committed as can be to both each other and the music that they create together.

Måneskin’s new album “Rush!” is now streaming on all major services.

Who is in a relationship in Måneskin?

Except for Damiano, no member of Maneskin is in a relationship right now. Damiano has a girlfriend called Giorgia Soleri, an influencer who streamed her reaction to Maneskin’s victory live on Instagram at the ESC finale in May 2021.

De Angelis then revealed that the name Måneskin means “moonlight.” “It means moonlight. I picked it when we first started playing because we needed to join this musical competition, and we didn’t have a name yet, so they just told me just say random words in Danish, and we chose one,” De Angelis told CNN.

David, De Angelis, and Raggi all met in high school in 2015. Before becoming the band that they are today, De Angelis and Raggi played in many bands together.

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