Who Is The Game’s Girlfriend? The Rapper Sparks Dating Rumors With TikTok Star Christa B. Allen After Kissing Her

Is rapper The Game dating Christa B. Allen? The two were spotted in a TikTok video locking lips together sparking relationship rumors. Read on to find more.

Sharing the clip to her personal TikTok account, the 30-year-old actress could be seen cozying up to the 42-year-old rapper as he hugged her tight. The duo then turned their heads towards one another and briefly locked lips before bidding Allen’s followers farewell with a smile.

The Game

Earlier in the day, Christa told her fans that she recently broke up with her boyfriend, and wanted to change things up. According to photos on the actress’s social media accounts, her ex-boyfriend was also White.

Christa was last dating musician Johnny What, whom she reportedly began dating sometime in 2017 and would later form the band Pour Vous in 2018.

Christa is best known for famously starring as Jennifer Garner’s mini-me in the 2004 rom-com 13 Going on 30. She also starred in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (2009), as well as in her role as socialite Charlotte Grayson on the ABC drama series Revenge.

Black Twitter is going crazy over the fact that there seems to be an increasing number of Black male celebrities choosing to date White women. As one popular commentator said on Twitter, “If 2021 was Hot Girl Summer, 2022 seems like a White Girl Summer for these Black men.”

Well, there isn’t any official statement from the two on whether they are dating and in a relationship yet, however, the video on Christa’s TikTok, it depicts that the two were dating and might have broken up.

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The Game Declares Himself ‘Biggest Rapper’ In The World Ahead Of ‘Drillmatic’ Album

The Game declares himself the biggest rapper on the planet ahead of his Drillmatic – Mind Vs. Heart album.

The Game is once again making the bold claim that he’s the best in the rap game right now. Hip-Hop commentator DJ Akademiks shared a clip of the rapper making the claim on his Instagram Reels.

The Los Angeles rapper made the claims while being interviewed on 360 With Speedy Morman. According to the “Hate It or Love It” rapper, he’s the best because no one can match him lyrically. He added that he believes he is the best rapper, and so fans can give their opinion as much as they want, it won’t matter because, according to him, he’s better than every other rapper on the planet.

Following his comments, the host lets him know that he believes Jay-Z is the best. The rapper seems to be on a new publicity drive and has been popping up in the news for controversial reasons in recent times.

In April, after claiming he was better than Eminem, his manager, Wack 100, said that the California rapper was preparing to drop a diss track aimed directly at Eminem.

“We starting a fire. The Black Slim Shady is coming. That na better be ready because this na done went crazy,” Wack 100 said at the time.

In an Instagram post last month, the “My Life” rapper once said he thinks he’s the best. This time he said so because he thinks that his album is going to be the best album of 2022.

“I can honestly say nothing rap related will be able to stand next to this in 2022. When it drops, I promise you that if you put your ear to it you will then understand why I’m the best rapper alive. My controversy has always stepped on my greatness, but that’s all about to change.”

The Game’s album, Drillmatic – Mind Vs. Heart, is slated for release on June 17. The project is being executive produced by producer Hit-Boy and may see some productions from Kanye West.

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