Who Is WoodBunny (Viral TikTok Bikini Carpenter): Real Name, Age, Nationality, Parents, OnlyFans, Etc

WoodBunny: A woman on TikTok known for doing carpentry while wearing a bikini has viewers across the world worried about her safety.

TikTok has amassed over a billion monthly users on its short-form video platform, and creators around the world upload a wide variety of content to the app.

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TheBikiniCarpenter, a TikToker known for going viral doing carpentry while wearing a bikini swimsuit, has viewers worried about her safety as she operates powerful tools like a table saw and belt sander.

Source: Twitter @Woodbunnyy

TikTok bikini carpenter has viewers worried

With over 600,000 followers on the app, thebikinicarpenter (aka woodbunny) has uploaded dozens of videos showing off her table saw skills.

In one particularly viral video, she can be seen working with a drill and belt sander while in her bikini.

At the time of writing, her video’s been viewed over 60,000 times.

@thebikinicarpenler @justin_danger_nunley ♬ original sound – W00dBunny

While she uploads a variety of videos each day, just about every video of her using power tools has a handful of viewers worried about her safety.

“This is giving me anxiety, saws, and no protection. Ain’t it, chief,” one user said.

Another commented: “Where’s your protection?”

A third viewer said: “OHSA is pissed right now.”

With how often she’s able to upload videos, it’s clear that the TikToker has yet to injure herself in any way while using the power tools.

Source: Twitter @Woodbunnyy

Who is woodbunny?

The Bikini Carpenter’s unofficial real name is Woodbunny. She is a curvy carpenter who has become a viral sensation showing off her woodworking skills while wearing bikinis for attention.

She is currently based in Houson.

The blonde influencer – is also popular on other social media platforms. Just like her huge numbers on TikTok which actually keeps increasing daily, she has huge followings on Instagram and YouTube, where she has thousands of fans.

She sells her handcraft and function works of wood art, which range from bookends for the office to cutting boards for the kitchen on her official website.

Per her bio on her site, she was introduced to woodwork by her dad while in 5th grade. “Dad taught me to use a Skilsaw to build a hurdy gurdy for a renessaince music project” she states, revealing her origin story in timeline form starting in 2017.

She is also an OnlyFan model. Just like many OF models and popular faces, she shares her naughtier content with paying subscribers.

According to her Instagram bio, the beauty is in the adult site’s top 0.01% of earners, meaning she makes considerable coin from the online endeavors.

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