35 Richest YouTubers Houses In 2022: The Wealthiest And Famous YouTubers Who Have Most Expensive Homes

YouTubers Houses: What YouTuber has the biggest house in 2022? – Here’s a list of 35 popular YouTubers and their humble adobes.

Have you ever wonder where your favorite YouTubers live and what their houses cost? find out who owns the most expensive homes.

They say home is where you hang your hat, but for these rich YouTubers, home is where they hang their hat, their Hermès bag, and the keys to their Range Rover.

Whether it’s a garage full of supercars or a closet stacked to the brim with the latest designer pieces, YouTubers are known for their absolutely ridiculous spending habits – and the worst part is that they’re not even ashamed to shove it right up our noses.

Gone are the days many would want to join YouTube for fun and to share their daily activities with the world, but lately, it is business that people are earning millions from daily.

Currently, YouTube’s most popular vloggers are also considered modern-day celebrities. They have millions of followers, pricey endorsement deals, and their own product lines. And, in true celebrity fashion, today’s crop of YouTubers live the lap of luxury inside their mega, multi-million dollar mansions. From digs in the most enviable neighborhoods to a laundry list of amenities, these homes can rival some of our favorite celebrity properties.

In honor of these viral sensations, we’re giving you an intimate look at where your favorite YouTube personalities live. Yes, we know most vloggers dedicate an entire episode to showing off their spaces; however, our list allows you to check out these covetable cribs side by side — not to mention saves you from the inevitable YouTube rabbit hole.

Some of the most popular YouTubers have bought properties well in excess of 10 million smackeroonis, so let’s take the opportunity to peer through the windows of some of the more outrageous mansions.

These are the insane YouTuber houses where they live and mostly undetake their YouTube challenges at and the prices they bought them for;

1. Carter Sharer – $30 Million

Carter Sharer is a 28 year-old-American YouTube star born on 23 October 1993. He has caused quite a buzz with innovative and interesting vlogs online and commands quite an impressive fan following. The mixed star has a knack for coming up with entertaining content like no other personalities online.

The star’s YouTube has over the years attained an impressive 8.43 million dedicated subscribers. In late 2009, he uploaded his first-ever video which trended with the title ‘my first vlog’ and he has kept the fun coming ever since with about 4 weekly videos.

Sharer has kept his family details quite private especially concerning his parents but his family has always been supportive of his intuitive and innovative habits from an early age. He has two known siblings, his brother Stephen is also a YouTube personality, and his other siblings, Grace.

About Carter Sharer’s house, his friend YouTuber, Faze Rug visited him in his magnificent abode as part of his new series “Visting YouTuber Houses”. Carter Sharer has a nice and big backyard. Carter happens to be among the few who are living next to Kylie Jenner’s home.

Carter Sharer’s house is a whopping $30 Million property.

2. Jeffree Stars – $14.6 Million

YouTubers Houses: The Top 35 Richest And Famous YouTubers Who Have Most Expensive Homes

Another rich YouTuber that hasn’t been in the good books lately is Jeffree Star, having been accused of racism, sexual assault, and fraud.  

Of course, no list of YouTuber homes is complete without talking about Jeffree Star’s new home. Purchased for a jaw-dropping $14.6 million, the 25,000 square foot space feels like a modern-day palace. This Hidden Hills home sits on 3 acres of land and includes 2 guesthouses.

This area has plenty of well-known names living there, including The Weeknd, Drake, and Kris Jenner.

8 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, $100,000 worth of custom-built cupboards in the kitchen, and a garage that can house 10 luxury vehicles.

As Star says, “I cried happy tears this morning because it has been such a crazy journey getting here, and I think sometimes people only see the success or the rewards. But on a real level, six years ago I had $500 to my name.”

 Jeffree Star's Epic Estate   - Inside The Homes Of The Most Famous YouTube Stars - Lonny
Image Source: Redfin.

3. The Ace Family – $10 Million

They’ve been nominated for a People’s Choice Awards for Favourite Social Media Star and currently have over 19.1 million subscribers, let’s pop in for tea at the Ace Family’s newly renovated home. Their old home is currently on the market, as seen in a video posted a couple of weeks ago titled, “WHO WANTS TO BUY THE OLD ACE FAMILY HOUSE!?!?”

Their new place is phenomenal. The family bought two different mansions and combined them to make one massive dream dwelling. They released a video called, “THE ACE FAMILY OFFICIAL HOUSE TOUR!!! **FINALLY**” where they give the ultimate grand tour.

The house sits on 1.2 acres of land, has 12 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a game room, home theatre, swimming pool, trampoline, and mini-golf course.

Austin wraps up the video by riding his jet ski on his sparkling swimming pool, ending it in absolute style like only the Ace family can!

YouTubers Houses: The Top 35 Richest And Famous YouTubers Who Have Most Expensive Homes

4. Keemokazi – $10 Million

Kareem Hesri or Keemokazi is an American, who is an actor, rapper, and social media star. He acclaimed fame by uploading his comic videos on TikTok. He is also a talented actor and musician and has composed and created several melodious songs available on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

He has also created his account on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook on which he uploads his fashionable outfits, modeling shoots, daily life pictures, and videos to interact with his fans and has accumulated a gigantic fan-following on different social media sites. He also owns a snap Id titled wazgoodkareem.

Keemokazi lives in a $10million dollar mansion. His house has an insane backyard waterpark.

5. David Dobrik- $9.5 Million

YouTubers Houses: The Top 35 Richest And Famous YouTubers Who Have Most Expensive Homes

With many sponsors haven cut ties with the rich YouTuber, David Dobrik, since it was rumored that one of his former members of his Vlog Squad raped a woman, he still has been living the best of his life.

With all that’s happening, who knows how long he’ll still be staying at his $9.5 million pad, so let’s check it out before it gets sold.

It’s also in San Fernando Valley’s Sherman Oaks, has 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a gym, home theatre, and temperature-controlled wine closet.

The main bedroom has mind-blowing views of the valley, the kitchen has marble countertops, there’s a pool with the standard spa, a lounge area around a fire pit, and a beautiful outdoor kitchen.

6. The Sidemen House – $9.2 Million

sidemen house, youtuber houses, ksi

For those that aren’t familiar, The Sidemen are a group of YouTube gamers consisting of KSI, Behzinga, W2S, Miniminter, Vikkstar123, and Zerkaa. Although most of the members have now departed, the Sidemen have always lived in super nice houses and this one is no different.

sidemen house, youtuber houses

The house is situated in Keston Park, Bromley, which is a prestigious neighborhood (as you can see from the surrounding tennis courts and gardens).

sidemen house, youtuber houses, swimming pool

Complete with an indoor pool, massive garden, and loads of space, this place set them back a reported £6,750,000.

sidemen house, youtuber houses

The boys moved out of the house in 2019 to move into separate properties, but that hasn’t stopped the members from building their collection of properties. According to The Mirror, KSI has a property portfolio worth in excess of 10 million quid!

7. H3H3 Productions – $9 Million

Ethan and Hila Klein recently purchased a nine-million-dollar mansion in Bel Air. Similar to Jeffree Star, the couple has other business ventures which likely meant they could purchase such a huge property and just look at it!

Six beds, seven and a half baths, and 7,583 feet of grounds make up this ridiculously swaggy paddy, and it comes with a huge pool and separate pool house.

8. Markos – $7.5 Million

Marko Terzo was born on 26th April 2002, in California, USA. As of 2020, he turns 19 years old. He is American by nationality and his birth sign is Taurus. He has not shared anything about his family background.

Also, there are no details regarding his educational qualifications. Given his age, it is obvious that he is still in his high school days. However, he has not mentioned where he studies at the moment. Moreover, he has a pet dog of the Jerman Sefard breed.

Marko made his YouTube debut in December of 2017 with a video called “LOUIS VUITTON x VANS OLD SCHOOL – (Full Tutorial).” He often posted giveaways for his creations. He is well known for the custom art that he adds to clothing and sneakers. Several of his videos were watched more than 2 million times, however, his first to reach 3 million views was “Custom CRAYON Shoes!!”

Moreover, Marko partnered with Stadium Goods in August of 2019. Furthermore, Marko used the French Montana song “Unforgettable” for part of his debut YouTube video. Some of his most popular YouTube videos are ‘CUSTOM IPHONE 11!!?? (Giveaway)’, ‘Custom JORDAN 1!! ?? for Chris Brown’, ‘Custom CRAYON Shoes!! ?? | MARKO’, ‘CUSTOM HEELiE AIR FORCE! ? (SAtiSfYiNG)’, ‘CUSTOM SHARPIE TESLA!! ? (SaTISfyiNg)’, and many more.

About his magnificent house, Marko lives in a $7.5 Million house that has an insane secret room. Most of his challenges and custom-made vlogs are done in his home.

9. James Charles – $7 Million

After a drama-fueled year, James Charles started 2020 on a fresh foot by picking up a new home. Earlier this year, the beauty vlogger purchased this 9,800-square-foot space for $7 million.

The farmhouse-style fortress — which is lined with gates and high-tech security systems alike — features six bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and a laundry list of amenities. In addition to an indoor spa, game room, wine cellar, movie theater, and mirror-walled gym, the home features an expansive master suite, complete with a private balcony and two walk-in closets. We have a feeling Charles turned one of those closets into a full-fledged glam room…

 James Charles' Charming Crib  - Inside The Homes Of The Most Famous YouTube Stars - Lonny
Image Source: Dirt.com

10. Jake Paul – $6.9 Million

For many, Calabasas is the gold standard of California living. In 2017, YouTuber Jake Paul joined the ranks of celebrities like Katie Holmes and Kylie Jenner and picked up his own spot in the covetable neighborhood.

At $6.9 million, Paul’s pad is by no means cheap — but it does not disappoint. Clocking in at 15,000 square feet, this mansion is the definition of luxury. With a movie theater, music room, two-bedroom guest house, and a master bedroom with its very own kitchenette, this home has everything you could possibly need.

 Jake Paul's Palatial Pad - Inside The Homes Of The Most Famous YouTube Stars - Lonny
Image Source: Redfin.

11. Logan Paul – $6.6 Million

In 2017, the energetic YouTuber spent $6.6 million on a new home in Rancho Estates, a covetable neighborhood in Encino. Aptly nicknamed the Maverick House, the 9,000-square-foot space was designed by Los Angeles-based architect Robert Byrd back in the 1970s.

Of course, this crib has no shortage of special features. The five-bedroom, seven-bath home boasts vaulted ceilings, a wine cellar, and four fireplaces we wouldn’t mind curling up next to.

But, as Paul tells his 20.6 million subscribers in his house tour episode, the magic of this house lies in the backyard. The property’s outdoor space is dressed to the nines, thanks to a pool, a firepit nook, and plenty of seating.

 Logan Paul's Maverick Mansion - Inside The Homes Of The Most Famous YouTube Stars - Lonny
Courtesy of John Aaroe Group.

12. Rosanna Pansino And HuskyStarcraft’s Romantic Residence – $6 Million

 Rosanna Pansino And HuskyStarcraft's Romantic Residence - Inside The Homes Of The Most Famous YouTube Stars - Lonny
Image Source: Variety.

In 2016, YouTube power couple Rosanna Reardon and Mike Lamond — who go by their YouTube titles Rosanna Pansino and HuskyStarcraft, respectively — took a big step in their relationship and bought a $3.825 million home in Tarzana, a neighborhood within the San Fernando Valley.

With a wood-paneled façade, an impressive fountain, and manicured hedges, the 5,417-square-foot space is flushed with old-school charm.

But nothing lasts forever — and their hold on this hot property is no exception. The couple flipped the home a few years later, placing it on the market for $4.25 million.

Pansino and her partner, Mike Lamond, recently sold their home in San Fernando Valley and upgraded it to the Sherman Oaks community. Her new living space has been described as a “modern farmhouse,” and features 5 bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms, tall ceilings, and doorways that are 9-feet tall.

The most important part though is the kitchen. Grey and white marble tops, shiny white laminate cabinetry, and every piece of culinary equipment you can imagine. There’s a home theatre, an outdoor kitchen, swimming pool, spa, fire pit, and poolside cabana. Their new home costs $6 Million dollars.

Other YouTube Stars that have called San Fernando Valley their home include Jenna Marbles, Jake and Logan Paul, Eva Gutowski, Jeffree Star, and our next rich YouTuber, David Dobrik.  

13. Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock inside his kitchen: Image Source: The List

Allow us to introduce you to Bretman Rock’s house. The YouTube star’s home has incredible marble floors and a grand entryway. But it wouldn’t be Rock’s place if he didn’t jazz it up a bit. The YouTuber revealed in a vlog in July 2018 that he took out a chandelier in the dining room to eventually put in “a stripper pole.” He explained, saying, “I live by myself so who the f*** am I gonna dine with? My cats?” The marble theme is carried through into the kitchen, which is pretty much the epitome of chic. Rock was inspired by other YouTubers’ all-white kitchens and knew he wanted one for himself.

In a later video in March 2019, the star shared some of the renovations he made to the upstairs of his home, which included a mural of himself, new carpeting, and a modernized ensuite bathroom with a waterfall shower and a refrigerator to keep his skincare products chilled at all times.

14. Michelle Phan – $4.7 Million

 Michelle Phan's Brentwood Abode - Inside The Homes Of The Most Famous YouTube Stars - Lonny
Image Source: Variety.

Michelle Phan might have taken a two-year hiatus to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors, but let’s not forget she was one of YouTube’s original personalities. Since starting her channel in 2006, the beauty buff now has nearly 9 million followers, a cosmetic line, and this $4.7 million Brentwood mansion to call home. (Casual, right?)

While not much is known about the YouTuber’s so-called starter home, it sounds like an absolute dream. Not only is the 3,422-square-foot space surrounded by lush, jungle-like foliage, but it reportedly has a two-story living room.

14. Jordan Maron – $4.575 Million

Jordan Maron is more recognizable by his alias, CaptainSparklez. His main focus has been Minecraft and he’s released several Minecraft music videos.

He bought his L.A. Sunset Strip bachelor pad in 2015 when he was just 23 years old. The views are absolutely surreal, and inside the 3-story dwelling are 3 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, several fireplaces, high ceilings, private balconies, party-sized sunken wet bar, entertainment area, infinity pool, and plunge pool… it’s amazing he’s able to draw his eyes away from the view to make his videos.

15. Lily Singh – $4.1 Million

Lily Singh’s house is everything you’d imagine her house to be… and she gives you the full tour in her YouTube video, HOUSE TOUR (Welcome to my Fun House!)

Ok, before you get too excited… this particular house is actually the set of the 2nd season of her late-night show, A Little Late With Lilly Singh… but it may just be a matter of time before she moves in because it just oozes her personality.

The funhouse has a swing… inside, a treehouse, a pool, and a funky slide.

Back to her real house now. She bought a Studio City home for $4.1 million and also owns a townhouse in LA’s Hancock Park.

The rich Youtuber‘s LA mansion has 5 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, and an elevator connecting the 3 floors. Fun artwork, odes to unicorns, a wet bar, games room, home theatre, basketball court, swimming pool, spa, and a garden that’s perfect in every way.

Despite her lavish surroundings, she’s clear on the importance of friends and family and as she puts it, “I’ve discovered home is not a place anymore. It’s the people around you.”

16. Phillip DeFranco – $4.1 Million

 Phillip DeFranco's Encino Estate  - Inside The Homes Of The Most Famous YouTube Stars - Lonny
Image Source: Zillow.

Nicknamed the John Stewart of YouTube, the 34-year-old personality has transformed from a blogger to an enviable entrepreneur. So, it’s no surprise that Philip DeFranco has a fabulous mansion to match his career trajectory.

Last year, DeFranco spent $4.1 million on a 5,931 square-foot home in Lops Angeles’ Encino neighborhood. The Spanish-style house features a handful of architectural details like high ceilings, ornate chandeliers, and a fireplace that dates back to 1938. But, thanks to its on-site tennis court and pool, the backyard is just as impressive.

17. Jojo Siwa – $3.43 Million

 Jojo Siwa's Splendid Space - Inside The Homes Of The Most Famous YouTube Stars - Lonny
Image Source: Redfin.

Known for her bright colors and toe-tapping songs, we assumed Jojo Swia’s space is just as bold as her YouTube channel. Fortunately, we’re not disappointed.

Located in Sherman Oaks, the 6,111-square-foot home boasts a formal dining room, grand staircase, and an at-home bar, which the 16-year-old star has already converted into a confectionary candy spot. With a sports court, pool, and inset spa, the backyard is also a teenager’s paradise. 

We only imagine how colorful this space became since Siwa purchased the home for $3.43 million in early 2020. 

18. Jenna Marbles – $2.9 Million

Image Credit: Zillow/YouTube

Jenna Mourey — or Jenna Marbles — is no stranger to YouTube. With over 20 million subscribers and hundreds of videos, the star has come a long way since she made her channel in 2010. So it’s no surprise that she picked up a mega-mansion during her Internet reign. 

In May 2018, Jenna Marbles (aka Jenna Mourey) shared with her viewers a first look at her new house in Sherman Oaks, Calif. According to the home’s listing, Marbles paid nearly $2.9 million for the five-bedroom “Cape Cod stunner.” According to The List, the over 5,000-square foot house sits on “a quiet, tree-lined street” and features wood floors, vaulted ceilings, a chef’s kitchen, and a dreamy spa-like bathroom. 

When showing fans around her new place, she smiled and opened a glass door leading to a special kind of closet. “This is the boggiest thing I did ever seen in my whole life,” she joked. “It is a closet for your wine.” The YouTube star admitted that she and her boyfriend Julien Solomita have only actually been using it as a place to put their dogs when someone comes to the house. “Not for very long,” she clarified. “For a second.” Of all of the amazing features in Marbles’ house, she said her must-have was simply a pantry. “This is what you save your money for,” she laughed as she let viewers peep the space.

 Jenna Marbles' Majestic Mansion  - Inside The Homes Of The Most Famous YouTube Stars - Lonny
Image Source: Zillow.

19. Gabbie Hanna – $2.5 Million

“I saw probably 30 homes, maybe more, cause there were some days when I was seeing like six houses in a day and none of them felt right,” internet personality Gabbie Hanna revealed in a vlog. “And the second I walked into this house, I knew it was my house.” 

The YouTube star explained that the $2.5 million houses was built in the 1940s and remodeled in 2015 to create a more open floor plan. “The kitchen kind of stole my heart,” she explained. Its marble backsplash and built-in coffeemaker are stealing our hearts too.

Hanna revealed her plans to turn one bedroom, which she painted in her grandmother’s favorite color (a soft rosy pink), into a combination guest room and “art office.” As stunning as the YouTuber’s new digs may be, it’s one of the simpler things Hanna is most excited about: the laundry closet. Coming from an apartment with a shared laundry facility, she said she’s just happy to be able to have easy access to wash and dry her clothes.

20. Zoella and Alfie – $2.3 Million

It’s been a busy time for Zoella and Alfie, because just 2 weeks ago the couple announced that they were expecting their first baby! A baby girl will be joining their family in September and it’s a good thing they have a house big enough to accommodate the pitter patter of little feet.

The couple have been dating for over 8 years and live in Brighton, East Sussex. They spent Covid isolating in their beautiful home, which they graciously shared snapshot, after snapshot with us, and we love their bright, airy space packed with flowers, plants, artwork and neon signs.

The highlight in the beautiful kitchen is definitely the orange Aga oven. There are exquisite sliding French doors, floor-to-ceiling windows and a garden that looks like it could be featured in a magazine.

It’s the perfect space and place to raise a little girl and we can’t wait to see Zoe’s growing baby bump!

21. Bethany Mota – $2.2 Million

 Bethany Mota's Charming Crib  - Inside The Homes Of The Most Famous YouTube Stars - Lonny
Image Source: Variety.

Back in 2009, a 13-year-old named Bethany Mota decided to create a YouTube channel about all her latest and greatest cosmetic purchases. And now? Mota has hundred of videos, 10 million subscribers, and, yes, a $2.2 million house in Studio City — all before she turned 25 years old.

Bethany Mota has it made and it’s all thanks to her YouTube channel that features videos about travel, style, beauty, comedy, cooking, and most importantly, positivity.

Currently, she’s sitting with just under 10 million subs, has her own fashion line along with Aéropostale, she’s dabbled in singing, has been featured on Dancing with the Stars, and went on a tour which she dubbed her Motivator.

Basics out the way – let’s sneak a peek into her $2.2 million abodes.

When the property was listed, it was described as “not your typical spec house,” and is “exquisitely customized.”

The house features a swimming pool, spa, outdoor kitchen, barbeque, and dining area. The double garage has a built-in electric car charger, should there ever be an electric car in the mix. High ceilings, marble and steel kitchen, 5 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

For a first-time homeowner, we’d say she’s doing alright, wouldn’t you agree?

22. Michael Stevens $2.19 Million

 Michael Stevens' Sophisticated Space - Inside The Homes Of The Most Famous YouTube Stars - Lonny
Courtesy of Rodeo Realty/Variety.

Unlike most YouTube sensations, Michael Stevens is not known for his killer cat-eye of death-defying stunts. With 15.4 million subscribers and over 1.5 billion lifetime views, the 34-year-old YouTuber is one of the most successful educational vloggers on the web. So, it should come as no surprise that Stevens owns a space with an intellectual edge.

Last year, he spent $2.19 million on a new home in Beachwood Canyon. From the exposed wooden beams to its candy-coated facade to the grouted tile that runs throughout the home, the 1953 home is filled with awesome architectural details. Oh, and did we mention the property has easy access to hiking trails that lead to the Hollywood sign and Griffith Park? Consider us sold.

Nestled in the oh-so luxurious Beverly Hills, the spacious home boasts five bedrooms, seven baths, and a boatload of amenities. From the Art Deco-inspired elevator that services all three floors to the amethyst-adorned powder room to a wine cellar with floating bottle holders, this pad is nothing short of goals.

23. Jaclyn Hill – $2 Million

Rich YouTube Beauty Vlogger, Jaclyn Hill, dropper Florida home which is fun, eclectic and a major mix and match of so many facets of her personality. Expect glitter, shimmering colours, and lots of chandeliers.

She gave a lengthy tour of her home over Christmas, which featured 18 Christmas trees and decorations in every nook and cranny.

She also let us take a peek at her two guest bedrooms. One all white, and the other, all dark and black. Aluxers, which do you prefer?

The highlight is definitely her backyard… fairy lights and loads of greenery…. It looks like it comes from the rom com of the century, now if only we could get an invite.

24. Justin Bieber’s Regal Rental

 Justin Bieber's Regal Rental  - Inside The Homes Of The Most Famous YouTube Stars - Lonny
Image Source: TheAgencyRe.com.

Believe it or not, Justin Bieber is technically a YouTube star. While the “Yummy” singer is a certified celebrity, he technically got his start when he was discovered and mentored by Usher. Since then, Bieber has risen through the ranks and become musical royalty — and has the real estate chops to prove it. 

Most recently, Bieber and wife Hailey called this Los Angeles rental home sweet home. The 6,500-square-foot space featured a recording studio, an infinity pool, and an imported oven range that is rumored to cost as much as a C-Class Mercedes. Wow.

25. Doug DeMuro – $1.72 Million

 Doug DeMuro's Classic Crib - Inside The Homes Of The Most Famous YouTube Stars - Lonny
Image Source: Zillow

While many popular YouTubers call New York City or Los Angeles home, you’ll find famed automotive critic Doug DeMuro a few miles down the Pacific coast in San Diego. Last year, DeMuro picked up a 2,504 square-foot space in the beachy city, complete with three bedrooms and three baths. 

With a price tag of $1.72 million, DeMuro’s home seems relatively modest when compared to most of the houses on this list. In reality? His new home is downright dreamy.

DeMuro traded in the “quirks and features” he usually highlights on his platform for design-forward details such as coffered ceilings, prairie-style windows, and luxe hardwood floors.

26. Shane Dawson – $1.7 Million

YouTuber Shane Dawson wears a lot of hats. He’s a best-selling author, musician, and certified conspiracy-theorist vlogger. However, it looks like he has yet another title to add to his growing résumé: Real-estate savant. Before he picked up a palatial house in Calabasas, Dawson called this Studio City space home sweet home. 

Karmageddon… the phrase used to describe Shane Dawson’s very public fall from grace. Regardless of the plummet, he still has a house that costs a decent amount of money. This home is on the market for nearly $1.7 million, according to Variety.

Recently, Dawson has had to apologize for racism and inappropriate comments about minors. It all blew up when Jada Pinkett Smith and Jaden Smith revisited an old skit of Dawson pretending to jerk off to Willow Smith who was only 11 at the time.

He’s fortunate he can hide out in his mansion, which he shares with his fiancé, Ryland Adams located in Calabasas, California.

Dubbed a “1950s Spanish bungalow-meets-vaguely Bauhaus villa” by Variety, this home is outfitted with floor-to-ceiling picture windows, a Saltillo-tiled terrace, and a spiraled staircase that leads up to the master bedroom.

The home is spacious and features a fireplace in the living area, a kitchen with all the high-end appliances, a poolside pavilion with a spa, and the main bedroom boasts its own fireplace.

There are 6 beds, 4 baths, and a barn that’s been converted into a gym. There are several outdoor seating areas, a fire pit, and a farm area where the couple is allegedly raising goats.

As Dawson said, “can I just say, number one, this is my dream house.” And it’s easy to see why.

 Shane Dawson's Studio City Space - Inside The Homes Of The Most Famous YouTube Stars - Lonny
Image Source: Variety.

27. Deji – $1.2 Million

deji, house, youtuber houses

Although you’d think living with your parents is a little lame, that’s not the case when it comes to Deji’s place. It’s a proper mansion, complete with a Porsche, Lambo and Range Rover.

deji house, youtuber houses

They’ve had various issues with kids coming up to and even climbing the fences to the property – probably because he’s consistently doxing himself by filming outside of it, but it’s really anyone’s guess.

deji house, youtuber houses, ksi

Zoopla shows that the property has six bedrooms, five bathrooms and was sold for £862,500 in 2016.

28. Grace Helbig – $915,000

 Grace Helbig's Gorgeous Grounds - Inside The Homes Of The Most Famous YouTube Stars - Lonny
Image Source: Bryant/Reichling Real Estate for Sotheby’s International Realty.

Consider YouTuber Grace Helbig’s breezy home the epitome of California cool. In 2016, the star of “It Grace” dropped $915,000 for this 1,300-square-foot space. While the price tag and size are modest when compared to other YouTubers’ mansions, this bungalow is nothing short of cool.

Tucked in NELA, a hip neighborhood in Northeast Los Angeles, the three-bedroom, two-bath feels like an airy escape, thanks to its neutral color palette, maple floors, and strategically placed windows. Our favorite part? The al-fresco dining deck that’s topped with a vine-covered trellis.

29. Nikkie de Jager’s Dutch Digs

 Nikkie de Jager's Dutch Digs - Inside The Homes Of The Most Famous YouTube Stars - Lonny
Image Source: Variety.

With 13.3 million subscribers and counting, YouTuber Nikkie de Jager (a.k.a. NikkieTutorials) is known for her colorful makeup styles and courageous coming out story. But, when she’s not making the world a better, brighter place, she’s cozying up in her Netherlands-based abode.

Just on the outskirts of a bustling town called Uden, the vlogger actually bought this house a couple of years ago — and immediately went into renovation mode. According to Variety, de Jager enlisted Dutch design firm Twan & Twan to give this home a sleek makeover.

30. Jackie Aina

In most YouTube star Jackie Aina’s makeup tutorials, you don’t get to see much besides, well, makeup. However, in late 2018, the star allowed Allure an inside look at her bathroom and office for a “Beauty Spaces” video. The YouTuber dished about her Versace jungle leaves wallpaper and glitzy chandelier. The star’s office, or “makeup room” as Aina calls it, is as glamorous as you could imagine.

The rest of Aina’s house is just as modern and clean-lined as her beautiful spaces. “I pretty much hand-picked everything myself,” she explained in a holiday house tour. “I came up with the inspo. I came up with the color scheme.” The YouTuber’s living room, where she entertains guests, features a cozy fireplace and what Aina said is “the biggest fluffiest couch I’ve ever owned or sat in ever.” She continued, saying, “It’s actually more comfortable than my bed.” Basically, we’re waiting for our invite.

31. Emma Chamberlain

When Emma Chamberlain was just 17, she moved into her own apartment in Los Angeles. “I already feel 18 because I have that freedom, and I am very grateful for that,” the popular YouTuber revealed in an interview with W magazine. “It’s one of those things where it’s not going to change much for me because I already live by myself.”

Before her lease was up, Chamberlain revealed in a vlog that she moved to a new apartment because her first apartment was like “a big cement dungeon” due to its lack of natural light. “It’s so important to have a space that, like, you feel good in and safe in and happy in,” the star revealed. “It makes everything better.” When Chamberlain and her mom went to check out other available apartments, the star fell in love with the first space she toured, and, in March 2019, she moved into her new digs. 

The YouTube star’s multi-story apartment features a modern, bright kitchen with high-end appliances, a “beauty guru” room, and a living room with what Chamberlain dubbed “vibey lights.” Yes, our 18-year-old selves are jealous.

32. Trisha Paytas’ rental crib – $11,500

 Trisha Paytas' Contemporary Crib - Inside The Homes Of The Most Famous YouTube Stars - Lonny
Image Source: Zillow.

Another star who calls Studio City home? YouTube sensation Trisha Paytas, who documents her day-to-day routine on her popular channel. 

Nestled in Studio City’s Doñas region, Paytas is currently renting this contemporary crib for a whopping $11,500 per month. (We mean, that’s a lot more than we pay for rent.) 

Though Paytas doesn’t own the spot, this space is nothing short of fancy. The hilltop home receives the star treatment, thanks to its gated perimeter, high hedges, and cameras. A walk-in closet and private balcony round out the home, bridging the gap between security and serenity.

33. The Dolan Twins’ modern family rental house – $9,000

Although the Dolan Twins — that is, Ethan and Grayson Dolan — are originally from Long Valley, N.J., the brothers relocated to Los Angeles, Calif. in 2015, according to J-14. And, though the 20-year-old twins still live together, their Encino home is a far cry from a typical family home.

In May 2018, the YouTube stars gave their subscribers a tour of their Encino, Calif. house that they moved into just a month earlier. According to the real estate listing, the twins appear to be renting the property for nearly $9,000 per month. With over 10 million YouTube subscribers, though, the Dolan Twins are multi-millionaires. According to Seventeen’s calculations, the video of Grayson’s wisdom teeth removal likely brought in over $28,000 alone. While $9,000 sounds like a whole lot to dish out on rent each month, the twins can certainly afford it. Not to mention the house is totally worth it.

The stunning mid-century modern property has three bedrooms and four bathrooms spread across over 3,000 square feet. The listing boasts “great privacy” and “immense and impressive serene canyon views,” calling it “the perfect hideaway.” And, according to The List,  the home also features a separate studio, which the Dolans began utilizing as soon as they moved in

 The Dolan Twins' Modern Family House - Inside The Homes Of The Most Famous YouTube Stars - Lonny
Image Source: Zillow.

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