What Is “Wokefishing” In The Dating World? This Newest Relationship Term Trends On Social Media

Wokefishing is a trend in the dating app world that has been showing up in the dating scene for years, but what is it?

With ever-evolving dating trends, Cupid is getting a major makeover! Gone are the days of traditional candlelit dinners and awkward blind dates. The dating scene has transformed into a wild and wacky world where newfangled trends pop up faster than you can say, “swipe right.” But with all of these terms and changes, there are also new expectations, with some being more toxic than others.

From “Ghosting Galore,” the trend that’s leaving hearts shattered and phones on silent to “Breadcrumbing Bonanza,” where potential partners toss out tiny breadcrumbs of affection to keep you hanging on, in this modern dating phenomenon, bizarre acts are all the rage.

So, what’s “wokefishing?” Don’t fall prey to this sneaky dating trend.

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What is “wokefishing”? The meaning behind the disingenuous trend.

If you haven’t heard of this trendy dating term, get ready to have your mind blown. Wokefishing is like the love child of being “woke” and “catfishing,” and it’s as deceptive as it sounds.

Wokefishing is all about pretending to be socially conscious to attract potential partners. These modern-day chameleons will say anything to make you think they’re as progressive as can be.

If you have had the unfortunate experience of meeting one of these dating candidates, you will notice that they’ll toss around terms like “white privilege” and “systemic oppression” to make you weak in the knees and googly in the eyes. But here’s the catch: They might not actually care about any of it, and at best, their concern is performative.

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Why would anyone go through the trouble of wokefishing?

Why would someone go through all this trouble, you ask? Well, it’s simple: to boost their dating game. For many wokefishers, dating is a game, and they believe that presenting themselves as enlightened and woke aligns perfectly with what they assume potential dates are looking for. They see being socially conscious as the ultimate aphrodisiac and are willing to fake it until they make it.

Wokefishing isn’t just about false advertising and crushing your dreams of finding a fellow change-maker. It can have more sinister consequences. Imagine building a connection based on perceived shared values and beliefs, only to discover that your partner has been playing the woke card just to impress you. Yuck! It’s like finding out your favorite ice cream flavor has secretly been broccoli this whole time.

Not only does wokefishing undermine trust and authenticity in relationships, it also trivializes important social justice causes. This is almost akin to using a hashtag for clout without understanding its significance. It is the equivalent of putting on a superhero cape only to realize it’s made of cheap polyester. It’s disingenuous, disrespectful, and, frankly, a major turnoff.

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