Did Robbi Jade Lew Cheat On Garrett Adelstein? The World Poker Tour Event Drama Explained

Poker professional Garrett ‘Gman’ Adelstein has accused fellow player Robbi Jade Lew of cheating in what was a bizarre hand at a televised World Poker Tour event. Robbi has categorically denied the claims.

After weeks of cheating drama in the world of chess, it is now poker’s turn to have its own cheating controversy.

During a head-to-head hand, which is already dubbed one of the most bizarre of all time, Garrett forced Robbi to go all in if she wanted to call, and inexplicably, she did. Garrett was then shocked when her cards were flipped, revealing a Jack high – which won the hand.

Garrett had been aiming for a club, a 6, or a Jack on the river (the final card) in order to complete either a straight, a flush, or even a straight flush.

But, even with the river being run twice, he blanked on both, meaning Robbi’s Jack high won the hand. This resulted in Garrett giving a “death stare” to his opponent, perplexed that she had called so much money, with such a weak hand.

“I don’t understand what’s happening right now,” Garrett said in the moments after the hand, as the chips were counted and moved to Robbi’s stack. Robbi responded, “if my Jack wasn’t a club, I would have been out,” which only confused Garrett further.

Presumably, Robbi was suggesting that the club gave her a chance at a flush – however, when she called Garrett’s all in, it was already impossible for her to hit a flush.

In this scenario, the only way Robbi could make such a confident play with such a weak hand, would be if she made the perfect read that Garrett was waiting on the river to make his hand complete.

However, Garrett has alleged foul play. Robbi offered to give him the money back from the hand, which he accepted, saying, “Once offered, of course, I am going to accept my money back after being clearly cheated.”

Did Robbi Jade Lew cheat vs Garrett?

Garrett believes that Robbi’s willingness to refund him the money is an admission of guilt. But, quite the contrary, as Robbi has publicly denied cheating: “I read the man and make a hero call after he shoves on a turned brick card. Get over it.”

Robbi has also said: “full details to come.” According to YouTuber and Podcaster Adam22, the casino is currently investigating the incident.

For what it’s worth, poker legend Daniel Negreanu weighed in, stating that he does not believe Robbi cheated, and that Garrett was wrong to accept the money back.

We’ll update this article if more details on this downright bizarre hand of poker come to light. For now, it’s purely a matter of debate for the poker community to chew over.

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