Who Are Isabeau Levito’s Parents? The American Figure Skater’s Mom, Dad, Siblings, Family, and Ethnicity

American Figure Skater Isabeau Levito’s mother shares her love of skating.

Young figure skater Isabeau Levito has been generating headlines since 2020 when she rose to prominence in figure skating circles at only 12 years old.

Now 15, Isabeau continues to take the skating world by storm, most recently being named the 2022 Junior World Champion — the first U.S. competitor to win the title since 2008.

Based on her performance in the 2023 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, it’s likely she is a candidate for the World Champion title.

For all of Isabeau’s success, she has a really solid support system behind her. Here’s everything we know about the young champion’s parents, explained.

Isabeau Levito

Who are Isabeau Levito’s parents?

Isabeau was born in Philadelphia but has since grown up in Mount Holly, N.J. Her mother, Chiara Garberi, is a clinical embryologist, according to her LinkedIn. Chiara reportedly immigrated to the United States from Italy in 1997.

Thanks to her mother’s heritage, Isabeau speaks Italian, and she told FS Gossips, “My mother is Italian, so half of the family speaks Italian. And my Italiano is still far from perfect. I understand everything, but I can’t answer normally because I don’t have enough vocabulary. And as you understand, this is a matter of family honor for me, haha.”

It was Isabeau’s mother who allegedly named her after Michelle Pfeiffer’s character in the film Ladyhawke.

Although not much is known about Isabeau’s father, sadly, it appears he passed away in 2019. His obituary reads, “Tim was a devoted father whose only daughter, Isabeau, meant everything to him. He was so proud to be her father, she was the joy of his life. He was a lovable, outgoing, and friendly person who will be missed by all who knew him.”

Isabeau is also supported by her skating coach, Yulia Kuznetsova, whose husband is the skating coach for the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team. Thanks to Yulia, she also speaks some Russian, according to FS Gossips. She also began learning to skate at the age of 3, per Skating magazine, because her mother was concerned about her balance as a child.

In an interview with Courier Post Online, Isabeau also credits her mother’s passion for skating as something that made her further appreciate the sport. “My mom always loved figure skating. She would watch it on TV and just me being a little toddler, I would just copy everything the skater was doing. My mom had the idea of maybe bringing me to an ice rink. That’s when it all started,” she said.

Her coach, Yulia, added, “When she was little, we started working on the beginning basic skills. Then she fell in love with the whole process.”

Fans wish Isabeau the best as she continues her career and look forward to seeing her future performances!

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