20 Liv Cooke (Female Football Freestyler) Fun Facts: Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Car, Boyfriend, Brother, House, Instagram, TikTok, Etc

How much money does Liv Cooke make? How rich is Liv Cooke? Biography facts about the British professional female football freestyler.

Liv Cooke is an Internationally known soccer freestyler and founder of the first-ever female soccer freestyle agency Girl Power. She has traveled worldwide competing at the highest level and performing for major brands winning awards such as the Women of the Future 2016 as well as the Nickelodeon Fruit Shoot Skills award.

She first discovered freestyle soccer from watching online videos and became a professional freestyler at the age of 16.

She became the UK’s first professional female soccer freestyler. She has over 4.6 million fans on TikTok and more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Her username on both platforms is livcookefs. 

She was born into an athletic family in Leyland, Lancashire. She was taught how to kick a ball by her brothers Jack and Sam and they grew up playing every night.

She and NBA star Derrick Rose are both athletes who have been sponsored by Adidas.

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Liv Cooke Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:Liv Cooke
Net Worth:$1 Million – $5 Million
Birthday:20 April 1999
Age:23 years old
Birthplace:Leyland, Lancashire, England
Known For:Football Freestyle, Public Figure, Entrepreneur
Education/High School/ College:Woodlea Junior School; Balshaw’s Church of England High School; Runshaw College
Profession:Former football freestyler, UEFA ambassador, Businesswoman
Zodiac Sign:Taurus
Height:5 feet 8 inches
Awards/Recognitions:Five-time world record holder; UEFA ambassador; Parliamentary Rising Star and Woman of the Future awards
Business/Companies:Liv Cooke Properties Ltd and co-founder of Winning Wealth Ltd.
Siblings:Jack (brother) and Sam (brother)
Parents:Not Known
Boyfriend:Not Known
20 Liv Cooke (Female Football Freestyler) Fun Facts: Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Car, Boyfriend, Brother, House, Instagram, TikTok, Etc

1. Who is Liv Cooke?

Liv Cooke is a British professional football freestyler, current five-time world record holder, and former freestyle world champion. She is a BBC Sport presenter and UEFA ambassador, who has previously been awarded the Parliamentary Rising Star and Woman of the Future awards. 

20 Liv Cooke (Female Football Freestyler) Fun Facts: Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Car, Boyfriend, Brother, House, Instagram, TikTok, Etc

2. When was Liv Cooke born?

Liv Cooke was born on 20 April 1999 in Leyland, Lancashire, England.

3. Why is Liv Cooke famous?

Liv Cooke is a popular public figure who is best known for her Football Freestyling and for being an Entrepreneur. She displays wild football skills in short videos on her TikTok, and Instagram accounts which shot her to fame.

4. She is also a businesswoman and a real estate developer.

Although best known for her freestyle football, social media videos, and television presentation, Cooke is also the founder of Liv Cooke Properties Ltd and co-founder of Winning Wealth Ltd. In October 2019 Cooke founded Liv Cooke Properties Ltd., a company focused on residential real estate developments and investments.

5. Who are Liv Cooke’s parents?

Cooke was born into an athletic family in Leyland Lancashire. The names of her parents are not known for now.

6. Who are Liv Cooke’s siblings?

Liv Cooke has two older brothers who she loves to flaunt in her videos. Her brothers are also football inclined and are always playing with her in her videos. The names of her brothers are Jack and Sam.

7. She started playing football at a young age.

Cooke started playing football at a young age having grown up with her two older brothers, Jack and Sam.

8. Where did Liv Cooke attend school?

Liv Cooke has had formal education in her life. She attended Woodlea Junior School, proceeded to Balshaw’s Church of England High School, and studied at Runshaw College where she dropped out when she discovered her profession.

9. Which team does Liv Cooke play for?

At the age of 10, she joined Preston North End F.C. whilst also playing in Woodlea Junior School’s football team. Cooke went on to study at Balshaw’s Church of England High School, where she captained the girls’ football team and signed for the Blackburn Rovers F.C. Centre of Excellence at the age of 14.

10. Cooke dropped out of college and stopped playing football to discover freestyle football videos online and became a professional freestyler at the age of 16.

One year later, Cooke was side-lined by a recurring back injury and discovered freestyle football videos online. She began to learn the basics in her back garden and stopped playing football in 2015 to focus on freestyle. In 2016, at the age of 17, Cooke left Runshaw College early to pursue a career as a professional football freestyler.

Since becoming a professional freestyler, Cooke has diversified her career through social media and TV, ambassadorial roles, and founding several companies.

11. She attributes her success to hard work, manifestation, and forced confidence.

Cooke has gone on record to talk about how the ‘modern-day influencer’ is not necessarily a healthy role model for young people. Cooke has spoken about her belief that there should not be shortcuts to success and that hard work, manifestation, and forced confidence are the keys to her career success.

In an interview with journalist Drew Diamond, Cooke stated that in her belief that the best and most talented in any field are not the people who go on to win but that mental strength is what creates champions.

12. Who is Liv Cooke dating? Is Liv Cooke married?

As of 2022, Liv Cooke is reported to not be dating anyone. According to CelebsCouple, the football genius has not been previously engaged nor married. She has no ex and no boyfriend, according to online sources.

13. Cooke is the founder and CEO of Girls female football freestyle agency ATW now called W1N.

In May 2016, Cooke founded Girls ATW, which went on to become the world’s leading female football freestyle agency. Although successful, Cooke folded the company in 2017 as she focused on training for the World Championships. Cooke subsequently re-branded in 2019 as W1N, which Cooke now uses as a platform for innovation; she designs, produces, and distributes freestyle-specific footballs and other gadgets to assist with freestyle football on the move, with all profits reinvested into supporting grassroots football.

14. Her first freestyle performance was in her birthplace, Leyland, Lancashire in 2015.

In 2015, Cooke performed freestyle publicly for the first time at St Andrews Infant School in her local town of Leyland, Lancashire. This was quickly followed by her first professional event, where she performed at a Blackburn Rovers half-time show at Ewood Park. Since then, Cooke has become the youngest ever professional football freestyler, performing at events across the globe and working with a number of major organisations.

15. Liv Cooke is a role model to many young girls and also serves as the ambassador to UEFA.

Her work has included performing at Qatar’s national sports day, becoming an ambassador for the UEFA ‘We Play Strong’ initiative designed to get more girls into football, and touring Australia to inspire children to get active. Commercially, Cooke has featured in a Channel 4 TV commercial, a number of Adidas commercials, and a LIDL advert. In addition, she has appeared on a number of TV shows including Match of the Day, Soccer AM, BBC, and Fox Soccer News.

In 2018, Cooke became an ambassador for UEFA Women’s Football, launching her own social media-based series ‘Play Anywhere. In 2019, Cooke became a global ambassador for UEFA Euro 2020.

16. She is UK’s first professional female soccer freestyler

Liv made her competitive freestyle debut in London in August 2016 at the Red Bull Street Style World Finals, where she placed 6th and was the youngest qualifier.

Later that year, Cooke qualified for the 2016 World Football Freestyle Championships in Melbourne. She finished second, making her the youngest ever finalist. Cooke broke her foot in the final, which ruled her out for several months. She returned to training in April 2017.

In August 2017, Cooke qualified for the 2017 Super Ball open football freestyle championships in Prague. Once there, she won all of her battles to become the world football freestyle champion and the youngest in history to ever take the title.

In September 2021 Cooke had to pull out of the Soccer Aid line-up due to contracting Covid-19.

On Saturday 2nd October 2021, Cooke appeared on the CBBC show Saturday Mash-Up, where she was gunged with 20 buckets of slime after losing out in a vote against singer Nathan Evans.

17. She is a BBC Sports presenter.

In September 2019, Cooke signed as a BBC Sport presenter. This role includes hosting the new MOTDx show, along with presenting features on Match of the Day.

18. Cooke is the highest-paid female athlete on TikTok.

Liv Cooke is a famous personality on TikTok with 4.6 million followers and 77.7 million likes. As of September 2021, Cooke has been confirmed as the highest-earning female athlete TikTok creator.

19. What is Liv Cooke’s net worth?

Liv Cooke is one of the richest and highest-paid Football freestylers in 2022. Cooke has a net worth between $1 million to $5 million. Note that this is an estimated net worth as she has never revealed how much she is worth.

20. Social Media Accounts

Instagram: @livcookefs

Twitter: @livcookefs

TikTok: @livcookefs

Facebook: @Livcookefs

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