Why Does Mike Gorman Wear Eye Patch? Details On The Legendary Boston Celtics Commentator’s Eye

Boston Celtics commentator Mike Gorman’s eye got fans worried after he failed to address his eye patch.

Boston Celtics fans know the name Mike Gorman incredibly well. While the Dorchester, Mass. native never actually played on the team, he is known as the voice of the team’s most significant wins and losses. At age 77, Mike doesn’t seem ready to step away from the court for good. However, a recent change in his appearance has fans concerned about his health.

On Monday, Feb. 27, 2023, Mike commented on the game between Celtics vs. The New York Knicks. While many basketball lovers were focused on the game, some fans couldn’t help but notice the eye patch on Mike’s right eye. What happened to Mike Gorman’s eye? Let’s find out!

Mike Gorman and an NBA player

What happened to Mike Gorman’s eye? Fans are worried about the legendary commentator’s health.

Mike sat beside his fellow co-commentator Brian Scalabrine throughout Monday night’s game as they discussed the game play-for-play in Brooklyn, N.Y. For the event, Mike wore an all-black suit with a black tie and a matching eye patch to finish the look.

The longtime professional commentator kept his cool and didn’t address the eye patch on camera. Nonetheless, sports watchers had plenty of comments about what could’ve caused Mike’s perceived eye issue.

“I hope Mike Gorman is OK; he did not explain the eye patch,” WBZ-TV producer Joe Giza tweeted on Monday with a photo of Mike wearing the eye patch.

Jacob Camenker of Sporting News tweeted more insight into what led to Mike wearing an eye patch in front of the fans. Mike’s injury reportedly happened before Monday’s game, and the famous talker wasn’t interested in sharing anything further.

“Celtics play-by-play voice Mike Gorman is calling the game tonight, clad with an eye patch,” Jacob reported on Twitter. “He pointed to it and said it’s a story that he hopes to avoid discussing on the broadcast.”

While Mike didn’t disclose his injury, fans applauded him for pushing through with the game with his eye patch in tow. However, the incident happened months after the commentator announced he was reducing his role as the Celtics’ go-to commentator.

Mike shared with Toucher & Rich in November 2022 that he only attended the home games and the Celtics’ games in Brooklyn and Philadelphia. Fortunately, he also clarified that the reduction didn’t mean he was ready to retire anytime soon.

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