How Rich Is Ty Simpson? Alabama QB Ty Simpson’s Net Worth, Salary, Forbes Fortune, Endorsements, Income, More

What is Ty Simpson’s net worth? Ty Simpson has been so popular and successful. Read on for details about his fortune.

The 2023 NFL Draft is stacked at the quarterback position, with a number of teams pinning their hopes of future success on selecting a star QB next year.

However, the production line of talent doesn’t just stop in 2023 though, with Alabama’s Ty Simpson emerging as one of the best passers in the country.

He isn’t expected to declare for the 2023 draft given his status as a freshman, but once he breaks into the starting spot with Alabama his popularity will skyrocket.

What is Ty Simpson’s net worth?

As a collegiate athlete, Ty Simpson hasn’t yet earned any official salary from football, per Marca. However, other online platforms like AllFamousBirthdays estimate his fortune to be $1.5 million today.

The entirety of his income will be supplemented by endorsement deals, and as such his net worth at this juncture is negligible for someone with his natural talent.

Simpson is currently behind Bryce Young in the Alabama pecking order, although Young is projected to be the first QB taken in the 2023 NFL Draft.

We will have to wait until the 2023 college football season to see Ty Simpson truly play regularly, and then his endorsement deals will multiply. This will definitely be the case after he was given such a glowing personal reference by legendary coach, Nick Saban.

Ty Simpson

What is Ty Simpson’s net worth?

Simpson has taken an approach to increase his net worth though. In April he became the third Alabama player to sign an endorsement deal with High Tide Traditions.

The intention of this group is to provide University of Alabama students with opportunities to earn money through endorsement deals.

Simpson has yet to sign an NFL agreement that guarantees him money from the use of his name, image, and likeness by the Alabama program, although sales of his jersey do present a small profit to the player himself.

His net worth isn’t yet calculable due to a lack of earnings, with only his family wealth being taken into account at this stage.

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