Was Davante Adams Suspended and What Did He Do To The ‘MNF’ Cameraman?

Davante Adams Charged With Misdemeanor Assault for Pushing ‘Monday Night FootballCameraman.

Well, it seems Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams took the team’s disastrous 30-29 loss to the Kansas City Chefs to heart. During the competitive week five matchup on Monday Night Footballthe Chiefs overcame a 17-point deficit and took the lead late in the fourth quarter.

Although Raiders quarterback Derek Carr tried to connect with Davante Adams, he and fellow wide receiver Hunter Renfrow collided; as a result, the ball fell incomplete, and the Chiefs claimed victory. Following the tough loss, Davante Adams exuded some questionable behavior that currently has many NFL fans wondering if he was suspended.

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Davante Adams

So, was Davante Adams suspended?

As of this writing, Davante Adams has not been suspended; however, it’s not out of the question.

According to NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero, the five-time Pro Bowler is “facing NFL discipline — and potentially even a suspension — for shoving a man to the ground after Monday night’s loss to the Chiefs.” He added that Davante apologized immediately after the game through the press and followed it up with a remorseful tweet.

“Sorry to the guy I pushed over after the game,” Davante tweeted in the early hours of Oct. 11, 2022. “[I was] obviously very frustrated at the way the game ended, and when he ran in front of me as I exited, that was my reaction, and I felt horrible immediately. That’s not me … MY APOLOGIES, man, hope you see this.”

Davante Adams pushed a cameraman during ‘Monday Night Football.’

As previously stated, Davante Adams shoved someone after the Raider’s disappointing performance on MNF. The two-time All-Pro was seen walking toward the tunnel when media personnel suddenly ran in front of his path. Davante abruptly pushed the cameraman to the ground in frustration and continued wandering down the tunnel as if nothing happened.

After the game, Davante spoke with the press and admitted he was startled by the cameraman. “Before I say anything, I want to apologize to the guy running off the field and he ran and jumped in front of me,” he said. “I’m coming off the field, and I bumped into him and pushed him.”

“I think he ended up on the ground, so I want to say sorry to him because that was just frustration mixed with him running in front of me, and I shouldn’t have responded that way … I want to apologize to him for that,” he concluded.

The photographer filed a police report against Davante Adams.

Unfortunately for Davante, his apologies were overlooked because the cameraman filed a police report against him.

According to the Kansas City Police Department via Tom Pelissero, the victim “made arrangements for private transport to the hospital for treatment” after the incident, at which point he contacted the police. He sustained injuries that are “preliminarily thought to be non-life threatening.”

“The incident will be investigated by our Assault Unit detectives, upon completion they will coordinate with the applicable city or state prosecutor to determine any applicable charge,” the Kansas City Police Department added via NFL Network.

On Oct. 12, Davante Adams was charged with misdemeanor assault for pushing the photographer. According to the NFL, the citation stated that Davante “did, by an intentional, overt act, inflict bodily injury or cause an unlawful offensive contact.” The victim, identified by police as Ryan Zebley, reportedly suffered “whiplash, headache, and a possible minor concussion.”

A court date has been set for Thursday, Nov. 10 at 2:30 p.m. EST.

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