Who Is Jeremiah Johnson? Football Star Takes Over TikTok As Users Can’t Believe His Age

An American football player left TikTok users in disbelief after his age was revealedwith many insisting he’s not as young as he claims to be.

Jeremiah Johnson, is a footballer from Fort Worth, Texas, who recently won an MVP honors award at the Youth National Championships in Miami.

His impressive football skills and achievement, however, have been overshadowed by the response to his age, which has left social media users convinced that he’s not telling the truth.

Despite his big physical appearance, an actual moustache, and what looks to be a tattoo on his right arm, the young running back is only 12 years old.

In a viral video posted by content creator hoodnews24, Jeremiah revealed that he wasn’t even a teenager yet, leaving many users in shock. “Hey man, I don’t know, how old are you?” the TikToker asked the youth football star, who simply responded that he’s 12.

“The boy is 12!” hoodnews24 exclaimed, before adding that he would be outraged if the young player doesn’t go straight to the NFL

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TikTok reacts to Jeremiah Johnson’s age

The 25-second TikTok clip amassed over 833,000 views on the social media app, as commenters had a field day with the reveal.

“Y’all misunderstanding, he ran for 12 touchdowns,” one user joked.

“He was 12, 12 years ago,” another quipped.

“Nah I think he meant to say 21 and he holding his lil brother trophy,” a third added.

“He has kids that are 12,” someone else suggested. “He might’ve graduated in 2012” a top comment with over 7,000 likes read.

Other users accused the football sensation of faking his age due to the fact that he has a moustache, and even demanded to see his birth certificate.

In Jeremiah’s defence, one person claimed that she “remembered him on 10U” and that “he had a moustache then too.”

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