How Much Is Dan Clancy’s Net Worth? Streamer Asmongold Reveals Plans To Collab With The New Twitch CEO

Asmongold revealed on his stream that he just recently had a conversation with the new Twitch CEO Dan Clancy, one that hilariously pivoted to AI models on OnlyFans.

MMO streamer superstar Asmongold is one of the biggest names on Twitch today. Having streamed games such as WoW for many years, he’s gathered up an impressive amount of viewers, entertaining and chatting with his loyal fanbase whilst he does so.

As a resident of the internet, viewers often make Asmon react to various things they find, including anime waifus, NFTs, and even AI versions of himself.

Upon reading a tweet about Twitch President Dan Clancy being promoted to CEO, Asmon decided to tell his chat about a funny story that happened to the streamer just less than one week ago.

Asmon had the tweet up on his computer, showing information that Dan Clancy would be taking over Shear’s position of CEO at Twitch after his resignation. Asmon revealed, through spurts of laughter, that he only just had dinner with Clancy the week before.

“Imagine how I feel when less than one week ago I had dinner with Dan Clancy and I showed him an AI cosplayer with an OnlyFans.”

Asmon recounted his anecdote about the hilarious interaction, stating that Clancy was wondering if people would really donate to an AI.

“He thought that maybe people wouldn’t donate to AI. Yes, we had dinner with him and he was like, ‘I don’t really know if people would support an AI’.”

Of course, as Asmon has been on the internet for a good time now, he was obviously aware of a case in which this has happened. As such he brought it up in conversation.

“‘Oh yeah? You wanna see?’ He’s like, ‘Wow is that a real person?’ and I’m like ‘No.’”


Asmongold reveals potential for Twitch CEO Dan Clancy to appear on Stream

Chat was then quick to ask Asmongold if Dan Clancy would appear on his stream, with Asmon replying swiftly.

“Not only did I invite him onto my stream, but he said he’d come on… I talked to him about a lot of stuff with him on Twitch and I was surprised.”

He expressed that whilst he doesn’t necessarily agree with Clancy on all matters relating to Twitch, he understands his reasoning and believes he “kind of knows what he’s talking about.

“I didn’t agree with him on everything but he had good reasoning for stuff and so maybe that’s gonna happen, so we’ll see.”

Whilst Clancy has yet to appear on Asmongold’s stream as of this moment, there’s definitely a high possibility that he features on the channel sometime soon. We’ll be sure to keep posted when further details emerge.

Dan Clancy with JakeNBake

What is Dan Clancy’s net worth?

Dan Clancy (whose real name is Daniel J. Clancy) is an American technologist and computer scientist. About his fortune, he has a current net worth of $5 million.

Clancy received a BA in computer science and theatre from Duke University in 1985. He has a PhD in artificial intelligence from the University of Texas at Austin. While in school, Clancy later worked at Trilogy, Xerox Webster Research center and NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

He was the engineering director for Google Book Search from 2005 to early 2014. From February 2014 to 2018 he worked for the social networking service Nextdoor.

He became President of Twitch Interactive, the parent company of Twitch in 2019. In March 2023, Clancy became CEO of Twitch, after previous CEO Emmett Shear announced he would step down.

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